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Pellets make less CO2 than coal – white paper
A new white paper from bioenergy consultants FutureMetrics refutes the claim that wood combustion creates significantly higher CO2 emissions than your average coal. In fact, wood pellets produce less. It all comes down to moisture.
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BP forecast has renewables growing fast to 2030
Petroleum giant BP has released its Energy Outlook 2030, which shows renewable energy growing the fastest of all fuels. The report shows the global share of renewable energy climbing from close to zero in 1990 to over 6% by 2030, an impressive annual growth rate the study says.
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Viridis Energy sends pellets via Halifax
Viridis Energy Inc. plans to regularly ship 25,000 metric tonnes of wood pellets through the Port of Halifax after its acquisition of Enligna Canada Inc. According to an article published in the Chronicle Herald, the Europe-bound shipments of wood pellets will begin as soon as 25 new workers are hired to begin production.
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FPInnovations unveils new structure, includes biomass
FPInnovations unveiled its new organizational structure to its 550 employees across Canada. The new organization includes a research division focused on biorefinery, bioenergy, and biomass opportunities.
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Chipper knife sharpener New Product: Chipper knife sharpener
Precision Sharpening Devices Inc. has unveiled a new knife sharpener called the Bevel Buddy. According to the manufacturer, if you own or operate a chipper you can’t afford not to own a Bevel Buddy knife sharpener.
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