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Canadian Biomass
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Bioenergy Report: Sustainability status
At the Bioenergy Conference & Expo, the first day composed of a variety of sessions punctuated by a series of keynote presentations in the morning and in the afternoon that focused on very different topics.
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U.K. plant has pellet fire after coal fire in 2009
A huge blaze broke out at a power station in Essex, in an area containing about 4,000 tonnes of wood pellets, according to a BBC report. Concern is rising over the "severe" fire at Tilbury Power Station as water sprayed on pellets is increasing their weight, threatening the building.
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International Bioenergy 2012 International Bioenergy 2012

Outdoor space available at PG bioenergy show

Over a dozen outdoor exhibit spaces have been made available at the International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition, to be held in Prince George June 13 to 15. Indoor space sold out in 2010, so organizers suggest early booking. The outdoor area is ideal for larger capital equipment, such as chippers, grinders, biomass harvesting equipment, while the weather in June will be just right. The International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition is Canada’s longest-running conference devoted to the global bioenergy sector.

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Bioenergy Conference speakers announced
The Bioenergy Conference & Exhibition, which will be held in Prince George on June 13-15, 2012 has released the highlights of speakers that will be present at this years conference.
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Combustion Expert Inc. goes overseas Combustion Expert Inc. goes overseas
Combustion Expert Inc. has announced a partnership with Tecnolog s.a., a South American company based in Lima, to manufacture products under license.
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Alberta to invest $444 million in bioenergy
The province of Alberta has committed an unprecedented $444 million over the next three years to encourage Albertans to develop bioenergy alternatives using waste such as manure and wood chips.
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