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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion April 11, 2012
Biomass availability in B.C.
There is a significant volume of biomass available on the British Columbia landscape that needs to be removed to help improve the ecosystem, but there are numerous market impediments and constraints that are standing in the way.
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Filter Technology New filter technology from Tri-Mer
Tri-Mer Corp., a world leader in air pollution control systems and indoor air quality products, has introduced Tri-Flow, a new filtration concept that delivers HEPA level performance with a MERV 16 rating.
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New Website Energy Edge
New website/enews dedicated to greenhouse energy efficiency

Greenhouse Canada Energy Edge is a multi-media program designed to highlight improvements in the energy performance of the Canadian greenhouse sector. Produced by Greenhouse Canada magazine, Energy Edge is based on a constantly updated website, and includes articles in each issue of Greenhouse Canada, as well as a bi-weekly enews service. Topics include energy efficiency, renewable energy options and information, incentive programs, procurement, energy management, and more. As part of the renewable energy field, biomass and bioenergy play a large role in the program's information stream. Visit today and find out more.

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International Biomass Conference program released
The 5th annual International Biomass Conference & Expo is set for April 16-19 in Denver, focusing on leading developments in the biomass industry, from cultivation to regulatory guidance.
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Wood pellet exports from North America reach record high
Exports of wood pellets from North America to Europe reached a record of over two million tons in 2011, according to analysis reported in the North American Wood Fiber Review.
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Europe’s 2020 emission targets at risk by biomass?
In late March, the European Parliament for Brussels was told to reconsider its biomass emissions calculations, based upon the rapidly gaining traction argument from scientists, researchers and NGOs that biomass may not necessarily be carbon-neutral.
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