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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion May 30, 2012
Strong Canadian presence at World Bioenergy
At the World Bioenergy 2012 conference, the Canadian presence is making itself known, hosting the largest international contingent at the conference, reports Andrew Macklin for Canadian Biomass.
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World Bioenergy World Bioenergy Award winner announced
The winner of the World Bioenergy Award 2012 has been announced – Mr. Harry Stokes from the United States, whose work with Project Gaia has led to improved health, economic status and quality of life for families in the developing world.
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Torrefied biomass to run a locomotive
Researchers at the University of Minnesota, in partnership with Sustainable Rail International, are working on retrofitting a steam locomotive to run on torrified biomass that will increase its horsepower and revitalize the old technology.
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Canadian government supports biomass network
The Canadian government has announced that it has awarded almost $200,000 in funding to the Réseau d'expertise et de valorisation en biomasse forestière to help foster industrial growth and expertise in the province of Quebec.
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Research shows reduced pellet emissions
Research by The Alliance for Green Heat and VU University Amsterdam has shown that using wood pellets for heat can emit up to one-tenth the carbon of oil and one-sixth that of natural gas.
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