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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion June 6, 2012
RCAF RCAF goes green
The Royal Canadian Air Force successfully flew a CC-130H Hercules aircraft using a semi-synthetic jet fuel, blended with plant-sourced oil, for the first time on May 23, 2012 at 8 Wing Trenton, Ont.
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Cost-effective cellulosic biofuel
A new Purdue University-developed process for creating biofuels has shown potential to be cost-effective for production scale, opening the door for moving beyond the laboratory setting, especially if a federal carbon tax were implemented.
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IBCE selling out fast

The International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition 2012, to be held from June 13-15 in Prince George, British Columbia, has announced that all the indoor exhibit space has been sold out. There are still limited amounts of outdoor booth space available, so please inquire for details online. Please visit the IBCE website for a complete list of all attendees and to look at the complete conference program.

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Unsold chips wreaking havoc on businesses
With facilities being shut down in Nova Scotia, Maine and Quebec, the local market for wood chips is over-saturated, leaving many Fredericton businesses wondering what to do with their product until new avenues are made available.
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Hope and progress at World Bioenergy 2012
"The overall theme and impression during my morning in Jönköping was one of hope, inspiration and progress. So many different players … that gives hope," said Sweden’s Minister for Information Technology and Energy Anna-Karin Hatt.
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Volvo trucks in Sweden run on biodiesel
Since last autumn, Volvo has had ten trucks in Sweden running on specially formulated bio-DME fuel, which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 95 percent and with the field tests currently at the halfway point, the trucks and fuel have already met and exceeded all expectations.
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