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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion June 20, 2012
Future all about bio-chemicals
Speakers at the International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition focused on fibre supply and what products make the most sense given the realities around it. Mid to long term, more advanced bio-products seem to hold the edge.
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Obama administration approves E15 ethanol
After three years of unprecedented fuel testing and scrutiny, the Obama Administration has given its final approval for the sale of E15 ethanol blends under the waiver conditions set by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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CanBio hosting financing mission to the U.K.
In 2011, CanBio went to the U.K. to probe for Canadian investment opportunities in bioenergy, and will be holding the mission again on June 28, 2012, with over 20 investors, B2B meetings and more.
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Building bioenergy in commerical Canada
Reducing a building's carbon footprint is a trend that is rapidly gaining steam in Canada, and many builders are looking to renewable energy sources to help meet their sustainability objectives.
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Poultry co-operative and PBE sign energy agreement
La Coop fédérée signed an ownership agreement with Prairie Bio Energy Inc., making La Coop fédérée the owner of 50% of all intellectual properties possessed by PBE and a leader in agricultural biomass products.
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