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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion January 30, 2013
Wood pellet exports to Europe rise dramatically
Wood pellet exports from North America to Europe were up over 70% in the third quarter of 2012, year-over-year, according the North American Wood Fiber Review.
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Plans announced to build $36M biomass plant in Nova Scotia
Cape Breton Explorations Ltd. will break ground this summer to build a $36-million biomass plant at Harbourside Commercial Park in Sydney.
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Canadian Biomass Conference and Expo 2013 Canadian Biomass Conference and Expo 2013
International Biomass Conference & Expo
April 8-10, 2013 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

International Biomass Conference & Expo is where future and existing producers of biobased power, fuels and thermal energy products go to network with waste generators and other industry suppliers and technology providers. It’s where project developers converse with utility executives; where researchers and technology developers rub elbows with venture capitalists; and where Fortune 500 executives and influential policy makers sit side-by-side with American farmers and foresters.

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Ontario’s forests to be a net carbon source until 2040
Ontario’s Crown forests are expected to remain a net source of carbon emissions for the next three decades, according to the latest forestry report from the Ministry of Natural Resources.
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Cogeneration project at Fortress mill delayed again
Fortress Paper recently announced delays with the cogeneration project at its speciality cellulose mill in Quebec and said it won't commence delivery of power for at least three months.
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Study: Alternative source of energy going to waste
A new study has determined that if all of the non-recycled plastics that are put into Canadian landfills each year were converted to energy, using technologies currently available, the energy would be sufficient to provide fuel for over 600,000 automobiles annually.
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