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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion May 15, 2013
BioAmber raises $80 million for Sarnia biorefinery
BioAmber, convertors of renewable feedstocks into bio-succinic acid and other chemicals, raised $80 million in an IPO, allowing it to build its biorefinery in Sarnia. The plant will produce 30,000 tonnes/yr to feed into an existing market for petroleum-based succinic acids used for food additives, plastics and personal care products.
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Enerkem gets $1.1 million to develop fuel products
Enerkem Inc. has received a federal grant of $1.1 million to expand the range of drop-in products that can be made from its bio-conversion process. The waste-to-biofuels and renewable chemicals company, announces the launch of a new research project with the Government of Canada. The objective of the project is to develop new catalytic processes for the conversion of waste into "drop-in" biofuels.
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Sponsor Spotlight
WPAC 2013 AGM exhibit and sponsorships available

The 2013 Wood Pellet Association of Canada AGM and Conference will be held in Vancouver this coming fall. With an expected crowd of over 250, the event will for the first time include opportunities for supplier companies to exhibit or sponsor. Opportunities start for as little as $900 including registration for the two-day event. Space is limited and associate members have the first chance to reserve until May 15.

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OEC holding biomass seminar in Austria
Oekoenergie-Cluster (OEC) is inviting those interested in biomass heating to attend its International Training Seminar Biomass Heating – Market development and technologies, which will take place this September in Linz, Austria. Attendees will learn practical, hands-on information from experienced workers, and spend three days learnig the technologies, economics and marketing of biomass heating.
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BioFuelNet joins forces with Airbus and Air Canada
BioFuelNet has signed an agreement with Air Canada and Airbus to help them find the most promising biofuels for aviation. Air Canada and Airbus are part of a group that has pledged to reduce greenhouse emissions by 50 per cent by 2050. The research from the partnership will focus on diverse raw materials, such as municipal solid waste and agricultural and forestry waste, as well as a range of conversion processes available for biofuel production.
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Government invests in biomass plant for cattle producers
The Canadian government announced the opening of a Sanimax biomass boiler plant in Lévis, Quebec, that will benefit cattle producers in Quebec and Eastern Canada, slaughterhouse workers and meat processors. The plant will handle carcass disposal and related by-products, and has the capacity to take animal waste and turn it into energy.
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