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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion July 24, 2013
Conserve the boreal forest
A report released by an international panel of scientists outlines a way for the possible conservation of the Canadian boreal forest. It explores research on the health of the boreal and concludes with a set of clear, science-based guidelines for balancing conservation with development.
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Silo fire strategies
The English version of a Swedish handbook on silo fires is available, and provides detailed strategies for safely fighting tricky silo fires. The handbook covers various issues like – safety, spontaneous ignition, the environment and mobile gas equipment.
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International VDI Conference

International VDI Conference

The conference “Biomass to Energy” will discuss major technical, political and economic aspects, drawing on experiences from all over Europe. The event aims to encourage an international exchange on bioenergy, feedstock potentials, gasification and new processes (torrefaction,htc)

Hear from:
Dalkia France, Dong Energy Thermal Power, RWE Innogy, Vattenfall Sweden, DP CleanTech Group, Ekman & Co, EREC, EREF, Tapio, International Paper, WBA and many more...

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Fibre Fibre reform needed in B.C.
WPAC has released a position paper outlining the historical growth and significance of B.C.'s wood pellet sector, and detailing the changes needed to its fibre allocation regime if the sector is to remain competitive.
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N.S. moves to ban whole-tree harvesting
Nova Scotia is seeking to ban whole-tree and full-tree harvesting to ensure that the forestry sector remains sustainable. Enough Nova Scotians have expressed opposition to both of these harvesting practices to convince the government to take action against them.
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Terex New features on Terex Arborist Chipper
Terex is offering customers several new upgrades to its TAC Woodsman 790 Arborist Chipper like, a new conveyor belt and hydraulic loader. Both upgrades help the machine process larger material at efficient speeds.
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