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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion July 31, 2013
Less support from Ottawa for biofuel industry
The federal government will no longer be offering extra financial support for the biofuel industry. Ottawa’s agriculture minister says that past investments have built the industry as large as it's going to get.
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Modest ethanol production growth in 2013
Ethanol production will increase this year, up slightly from 2012, and paired with federal and provincial renewable content requirements should result in increases of imports to meet demands.
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International VDI Conference

The conference “Biomass to Energy” will discuss major technical, political and economic aspects, drawing on experiences from all over Europe. The event aims to encourage an international exchange on bioenergy, feedstock potentials, gasification and new processes (torrefaction, htc)

Hear from:
Dalkia France, Dong Energy Thermal Power, RWE Innogy, Vattenfall Sweden, DP CleanTech Group, Ekman & Co, EREC, EREF, Tapio, International Paper, WBA and many more...

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Pellet Project Pellet project delayed in NWT
A wood pellet project in the Northwest Territories, which will cost more than $10 million, has been postponed until the communities involved decide whether or not they want to pay additional harvesting fees.
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CIF responds to Boreal Forest report
The CIF says the argument that forestry work practiced across Canada threatens the boreal forest’s ecosystems is supported by inaccurate information and responds with details stating how concerned with the environment forest management teams really are in Canada.
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Vaz Vecoplan AZ 1800 shredder
The VAZ 1800 industrial shredder features dump and run operation, so entire containers of waste can be fed into its 70” x 82” hopper. The shredder was designed to process a wide range of wastes in recycling applications including, plastics, wood, carpet and more.
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