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Canadian Biomass
More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion August 7, 2013
Hefler Forest Products adds CHP to mix
A sawmill in this Nova Scotia community has been given the green light to build a combined heat and power system fuelled by mill waste.
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Ontario pellet company shipping to EU
After feeling the effects of the decline in the forest industry a few years back, management at KD Quality Pellets is preparing to ship pellets from the New Liskeard, Ont., area to customers in Europe.
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International VDI Conference

The conference “Biomass to Energy” will discuss major technical, political and economic aspects, drawing on experiences from all over Europe. The event aims to encourage an international exchange on bioenergy, feedstock potentials, gasification and new processes (torrefaction, htc)

Hear from:
Dalkia France, Dong Energy Thermal Power, RWE Innogy, Vattenfall Sweden, DP CleanTech Group, Ekman & Co, EREC, EREF, Tapio, International Paper, WBA and many more...

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Digester Biomass-powered cheese makers having a gas
A cheese maker northeast of Quebec City is seeing a fast ROI on an anaerobic digester system it is using to capture methane and heat its process.
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Pellet exports charge ahead for both U.S. and Canada
Wood pellet exports from North America were up more than 50 per cent in the 1Q/13 from 1Q/12 with the United Kingdom being the major export destination, reports the North American Wood Fiber Review.
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B.C. company invests in Icelandic CO2-to-methanol technology
Methanex Corporation announced an initial $5 million investment in Carbon Recycling International (CRI), a privately held company with technology to convert emissions to methanol for the EU market.
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