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More from Canadian Wood Business | Harvesting | Sawmilling September 25, 2013
Quebec to host new forestry event
A new forestry and construction event, Quebec Forestry & Construction Expo, will take place in Quebec City, April 25-26, 2014. The event will be hosted by Master Promotions and Salon CAM Quebec; Canadian Forest Industries and Opérations Forestières will be the media partners.
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Groupe Lebel to acquire the Cambium Group
President and CFO of Groupe Lebel Frédéric Lebel has signed a formal letter of intention to acquire all the issued and outstanding shares of the Cambium Group.
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Chinese Housing Markets Chinese housing prices soar
As China's economy cools from its previously red-hot levels, unease has re-emerged over housing prices and housing construction.
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U.S. accuses China of dumping products
The U.S. has accused China of dumping its wood products on U.S. soil and has slapped high tariffs on Chinese hardwood and decorative plywood products.
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Forestry researcher recognized with award
A Montreal researcher is being presented a prestigious award at a gala event in Stockholm, Sweden.
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