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More from Canadian Biomass | Sustainability | Wood Pellets | Conversion December 11, 2013
Agri-biomass pioneer murdered in Brazil
Dean Thiessen, the president of New Energy Farms in Leamington, Ont., was murdered during a botched car-jacking in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
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Agreement in place for Terrace pellet plant
Pinnacle Renewable Energy and Coast Tsimshian Resources partner in the construction of a new pellet plant in Terrace, B.C.
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Methes Energies to acquire OTC Energy Technologies
The acquisition of OTC gives Methes the technology to produce chemical quality syngas from several types of biomass.
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Lethbridge Biogas begins power production
The $30 million project will turn farm waste into electricity, producing enough power for 2,800 homes.
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Canadian Wood Pellet Heating Conference taking shape
The preliminary agenda has been released for the two-day conference, being held at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal in February.
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