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Novozymes targets trash

January 23, 2012
By Novozymes

Jan. 23, 2012, Franklinton, NC - America moved a step closer to making advanced biofuels widely available for consumers when the U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced a $25 million partnership with Fiberight.

Jan. 23, 2012, Franklinton, NC – America moved a step closer to making advanced biofuels widely available for consumers when the U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced a $25 million partnership with Fiberight. The commitment will support the construction of a new advanced biofuels plant. Located in Blairstown, Iowa the plant will turn waste into biofuels, producing six million gallons per year when fully operational in the first half of 2013.

Fiberight has developed a cutting-edge process to convert millions of tons of non-recycled municipal solid and industrial wastes into advanced biofuels other key co-products. The company is one of the first U.S.-based companies to successfully produce biofuel from waste on an industrial scale through finished, fuel test production.

”Advanced Biofuels are going commercial – and the innovation behind turning trash into biofuels demonstrates how our industry can create jobs and solve our nation’s energy needs,” says Adam Monroe, President of Novozymes North America. ”Novozymes is proud to be a partner to this project, supplying the enzymes to turn household and office waste into advanced biofuels. We applaud the federal government for its leadership in helping bring biofuels to market.”

Fiberight will invest $20 million in the plant, combined with the $25 million federal investment. The plant will employ approximately 55 employees when fully-operational  and generate 100 construction jobs.


“We truly believe that 2012 is the year for take-off in this industry. Steel is going into the ground, more Americans are going to work to make biofuels and we anticipate seeing significant volumes of biofuels as a result,” says Craig Stuart-Paul, CEO of Fiberight. “Our long-term and extensive involvement with Novozymes has helped us develop a commercially-pathway to advanced biofuels – and today it’s been rewarded by the U.S. Government.”

In addition to the commercial-scale project funded today, Fiberight will have a smaller-scale but fully integrated plant operating in Lawrenceville, Virginia in 2012.

American ethanol helped create 70,000 jobs in 2010, according to the Renewable Fuels Association. A recent analysis by economists from the University of Wisconsin and Iowa State University found growth in ethanol production also reduced gasoline prices by an average of $0.25 per gallon, or 16 percent, from 2000 – 2010. A strong federal partnership, and smart policies like the Renewable Fuel Standard and USDA 9003 Biorefinery program, is critical to job creation and Americans getting the best prices and choices at the pump.

Cellulosic ethanol is produced from biomass such as wheat straw, corn stover, municipal waste, or energy crops, which is first broken down into a pulp. Enzymes are then added, turning the pulp into sugar which is fermented into ethanol. Novozymes, the world’s leading provider of enzymes to the biofuels industry, has collaborated closely with Fiberight to streamline the production process and will supply enzymes for the plant.
About Novozymes

Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovation. Together with customers across a broad array of industries, we create tomorrow’s industrial biosolutions, improving our customers' business and the use of our planet's resources.
With over 700 products used in 130 countries, Novozymes’ bioinnovations improve industrial performance and safeguard the world’s resources by offering superior and sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s ever-changing marketplace. Read more at
About Fiberight

Fiberight is a privately held company with current operations in Virginia, Maryland and Iowa. As a leading edge clean technology company, our team focuses on transforming post-recycled municipal solid wastes and other organic feedstocks into next generation renewable biofuels, with cellulosic ethanol as the core product.  Fiberight offers an environmentally sensitive waste disposal solutions to communities across the United States, based on a unique ability to convert organic wastes found in residential trash into valuable transportation fuel and clean natural gas. Fiberight plants are designed for low-cost application in a variety of community settings and provides clean energy jobs and investment where traditionally waste has been burned or buried.

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