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NRCan launches challenge to fund bio-based foam insulation

July 8, 2019
By Maria Church

Photo: Annex Business Media.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has launched a challenge to fund the development of new bio-based foam insulation products.

Most spray foam and rigid foam board insulation products on the market are petrochemical based, emit significant GHGs during production, and are hard to recycle.

The Plastics Challenge is offering grant funding of up to $1.15 million for projects that develop foam insulation products that:

  • Are predominantly derived from Canadian forest residue.
  • Have similar insulation values (within 20%) as currently available petroleum-based versions.
  • Would have similar cost (within 20%) as currently available petroleum-based versions.
  • Are less flammable than petroleum-based versions.
  • Are fully recyclable at end of life.
  • Would generate less (GHG) emissions during manufacturing.

Find more details here.

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