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Ontario to build $42M RNG plant

October 13, 2020
By Ellen Cools

On Oct. 7, the Ontario government, along with Enbridge Gas, Walker Industries, and Comcor Environmental, announced plans for a $42 million renewable natural gas (RNG) facility.

The Niagara Falls Renewable Natural Gas plant will be the largest of its kind in the province. According to a government press release, the plant will transform biogas created by decomposing organic waste (landfill waste) into RNG.

Once full operational, it will be capable of heating 8,750 homes across the country and reduce GHG emissions by 48,000 tonnes.

“I want to congratulate Enbridge and private sector partners, Walker Industries and Comcor Environmental, for coming together to make this innovative renewable natural gas project possible,” said Ontario Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Jeff Yurek, in a statement. “Our government knows the private sector has the capital, capability and know-how to transform clean technology markets across Canada and we will continue to work closely with Ontario’s energy sector to find more ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions efficiently and affordably.”


Enbridge has also received approval from the Ontario Energy Board to develop a pilot Voluntary Renewable Gas Program in Ontario starting in 2021. The pilot allows Enbridge customers to give a small monthly contribution to purchase carbon-natural RNG, if they want to. Enbridge predicts that up to 28,000 customers will participate in the program, reducing CO2 emissions by 8,000 tonnes.

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