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Pellet prices increase as oil soars

April 13, 2012
By Pellet Industry Forum

Apr. 13, 2012, Germany - According to the magazine "Pellets – Markt und Trends", fuel oil prices hit a record high recently, but wood pellet prices are increasing at a more stable rate, making it an increasingly attractive alternative.

Apr. 13, 2012, Germany – According to the trade magazine "Pellets – Markt und Trends", fuel oil prices hit a new record in March 2012, with oil-fired heating costing 9.19 Euro cents per kilowatt hour (€ct/kWh) on average. Wood pellet prices, on the other hand, are increasing at a more stable rate, making this fuel an increasingly attractive alternative for both households and industry: In March 2012, the average cost of wood pellets heating was calculated at 4.81 €ct/kWh.

From October 9−10, 2012 the 12th Pellets Industry Forum examines the impact of the latest price developments on German and international pellets markets as part of its overview of the current market situation, with the focus of this year’s conference shared equally between the heating and electricity markets. Although in previous years it was Stuttgart that played host to the annual Pellets Industry Forum, the event is now debuting at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc) this year.

Year-on-year increases in fuel oil prices, which have now hit another record high, are driving forward alternative fuels. President of the Brussels-based European Pellet Council (EPC), Dr. Christian Rakos, commented on the latest price developments for fossil fuels, saying: "The pellets industry is expecting record growth for 2012." Dr. Rakos continued: "The major cost benefits together with the ecological aspects make wood pellets a preferred alternative for many, with pellets increasingly being used to generate electricity, too."

The impact of price developments is one of many topics being discussed at the 12th Pellets Industry Forum, which is held from October 9–10, 2012 in Berlin. This year’s event is expected to attract 500 experts from over 30 nations. The comprehensive conference program not only examines the latest developments in key markets, it also explores the technological advances in heating and electricity sectors. The forum also provides a variety of opportunities to exchange experiences and network with other industry players.


New location – clear message

2012 sees the Pellets Industry Forum debut in the German capital of Berlin. Centrally located and easy to reach, the Berlin Congress Center (bcc) facilitates exchange among national and international experts from industry, commerce and research, as well as with industry associations and politicians. In addition to the international flair and central location of Berlin in Europe, aspects which emphasize the global focus of the 12th Pellets Industry Forum, the choice of the new location is intended to send out a strong political message. President and Managing Director of the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) in Berlin, Martin Bentele, welcomes the organizers’ decision to relocate: "By opting to move the forum to Berlin, the international pellet industry is nailing its colors to the mast in the German capital, and is reminding German politics that they need to continue at full steam ahead with the energy revolution. We are therefore extremely pleased to be steering this successful event into new waters."

Registration & call for abstracts

The Pellets Industry Forum gives experts in the industry the chance to present their latest studies, experiences and innovations to a wide trade audience. The call for abstracts enables experts to submit contributions on topics such as the general development of the international pellets market, including its prospects and outlook, as well as on the underlying political and legal conditions. Presentations on the key topics of heating and electricity markets can be submitted in the categories "Country reports", "Industry-driven research & development", "Fuel", "Marketing and sales concepts", "International trade and logistics" and "Safety and environmental aspects". The Congress Committee decides which presentations to accept from those submitted. Anybody wishing to submit a contribution can participate in the call for abstracts until May 25, 2012. For further information on the call for abstracts process, or to submit a contribution, please visit the 12th Pellets Industry Forum website.

For further information, please visit the 12th Pellets Industry Forum website:

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