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Pellet system makes life easier for homeowners

November 24, 2017
By Robert Chenard

Nov. 24, 2017 - Upon my arrival in the N.W.T. a few years ago, I was exposed to the use of wood pellets as an alternative system for heating your house. The inconvenience of handling 40-lb bags during the winter season is a hurdle to this economical way of life. It drew my attention for years until one day I decided to try and resolve this issue.

After months of research and tryouts, I finally put together a system that eliminates once and for all the use of plastic wood-pellet bags. By simply lifting a little door, you now have wood pellets all year round without going outside. This system is the first on the market. Finally the missing link to the use of wood pellets has been solved for the homeowner. Introducing Pellets On Demand. 

How the system works
The Pellets On Demand system is composed of three components:

1. A bulk container to accommodate one or two tons of bulk wood pellets in a waterproof container which feed to the wood pellet access system – custom made for your needs. This can be located at a relative distance from the house if needed.

2. An air-tight container to accommodate a week’s supply of wood pellets is mounted on the exterior wall at a desired location. The container is equipped with a funnel going inside to the access door.


3. The access to wood pellets from inside the house is done by simply lifting an access door at any time when needed.

The advantages

  1. No more handling or carrying 40-lb bags from outside to inside of your house.
  2. Eliminates the plastic bags (less pollution if using bulk wood pellets).
  3. Access to wood pellets 24/7 without going outside.
  4. Eliminates the need to buy a lot of wood pellets upfront.
  5. The waterproof bulk container can be filled on a regular basis similar to other fuel deliveries.
  6. In remote areas that do not have pellet delivery, no worries. You can still use the system but hand fill yourself.
  7. More inviting for the consumer to use wood pellet stove, which reduces the cost of their fuel bill.
  8. A lot less expensive than any other type of fuel.
  9. Makes life easier for the home owner who no longer has to go outside to get wood pellets.
  10. Does not matter if you have a two-storey house or your pellet stove is in the basement. This system is custom made to accommodate either.

“Being 5″2′ and with 13 steps to climb in the winter caring 40-lb bags of pellets, all I can say is this should of been invented years ago. Such a game changer to the home owner. 95 per cent dust reduction. Not only that, it’s environmentally friendly and I am proud to be a part of that. I can’t say enough how much this makes my life easier. Thank you Robert for inventing such a amazing system but also for great customer service,” Kelly from Hay River said.

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