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Pellets again part of World Bioenergy

October 16, 2011
By World Bioenergy

Oct 16, 2011, Sweden - Building on previous successes, World Pellets 2012 is once again an integrated part of the World Bioenergy event. It will feature the whole production chain – raw materials, production, and end use

 – as well as certification, standardization, trade, and market development. World Pellets 2012 is the third major world event on pellets and densified biomass fuels.

Today pellets and other densified biomass, is already a fuel of worldwide importance. The use of pellets is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, with positive effects for the environment, local employment and the security of energy supply.

“Such growth requires that the market actors meet and exchange experiences regularly, update their technology know-how and inform themselves on the economic and political frameworks”, says Hampus Mörner, office manager for the Swedish Pellet Producers Association.

World Pellets 2012 will provide the delegates with all these opportunities. The participant can take part in the international business forum or update him/herself on the latest research into the whole chain, from raw material handling, pellet production and logistics to pellet combustion and energy generation.


This third major world event on pellets and densified biomass fuels will be hosted on 29 – 31 May in Sweden, one of the world’s largest markets for pellets. The last occasion was also in Jönköping, Sweden, where approximately 500 delegates gathered from all over the world. This time the conference is an integrated part of World Bioenergy 2012, which will give all participants excellent opportunities to network across borders.

“We are now soliciting abstracts for all parts of the World Bioenergy Conference. A number of interesting abstracts have already been submitted from the whole world and I am looking forward to see even more abstracts”, says PhD Johan Vinterbäck, coordinator of the World Bioenergy Scientific Committee.

Main topics for the World Pellets conference:

• International market and pellet trade

• Innovative pellet production systems

• New small- and medium scale pellet combustion technologies including heat recovery

• Innovative and efficient large scale combustion technologies for pellets

• Reduction of fine particulate emissions from pellet combustion by primary and secondary measures

• Torrefied pellets and their storage, handling and combustion properties

• Health and safety aspects of pellet production, transport and storage

• Non-wood pellets – characterization as well as status of production and utilization

• Strategies and raw material potentials on a global scale for expanding future pellet markets

• Systems for pellets and densified fuels in new markets

Click here for main topics for the World Bioenergy conference in total and other information.

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