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Pinnacle discontinues bagged pellets at Armstrong plant

July 26, 2019
By Maria Church


A mechanical breakdown and safety concerns with bagging machinery at Pinnacle Renewable Energy’s Armstrong, B.C., pellet plant has led the company to discontinue production of 40-pound pellet bags.

Pinnacle territory sales manager, Tara Sadler, told local media heating pellets will still be sold in one-tonne totes.

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2 Comments » for Pinnacle discontinues bagged pellets at Armstrong plant
  1. Rob Alexander says:

    Your equipment broke down, wow sure hope Japan is not relying on you for there pellets god forbid your equipment breaks down. where will that leave them. Wares your social and community reasonability , to the province you live in and the province your recourses comes from or Japan????. I know the equipment very well that broke down would you like it fixed so you can supply the communities you live in , you know the ones that support you and helped you start . or did you forget about them altogether.

  2. Joy says:

    If one used pellets for a riding arena, 3” deep, how much land would one ton of pellets cover.
    I live in Kelowna so I would need them delivered.
    Joy Kimler

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