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Pinnacle provides Lavington emissions, production update

December 17, 2015
By Andrew Macklin

December 17, 2015 - Lavington Pellet Limited Partnership, a partnership between Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. and Tolko Industries, has provided an update on the commissioning and start-up of the new pellet plant in Lavington, B.C. The construction phase of the project is now complete, and the project was completed safely, on-time and in accordance with the project budget.

Emissions Testing

The initial round of third-party emissions testing has been completed and the results are very positive. All sources are operating well below the permitted levels, which were set at the highest standards in the province for new pellet plants. As an example, the pellet plant cyclo-filter is operating at a concentration of 4.91 milligrams of particulate for every cubic meter of air discharged, which equates to 32.7% of the permitted concentration and 4.3% of the provincial guideline.


Planermill Cyclone vs. Cyclo-filter Actual Test
The test results show that combined emissions of the pellet plant and Tolko planer mill of 0.75 grams/second represents 16.9% of the previously permitted emissions of the planer mill. Effectively, the site’s current emissions are 83.1% below previously permitted levels.


All testing procedures and laboratory analyses were conducted by an air source emission monitoring consultant in accordance with acceptable methodologies as published by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment.


During the first two months of operation, production has exceeded the plan. The production target for the facility is 700 metric tonnes or 1,600 cubic metres of wood pellets per day. The plan was to ramp up to this level of production through the first twelve months of operation. November’s results are well ahead of plan and represent 82% of the production target.

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