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PrimeTech introduces PT-600

October 5, 2012
By PrimeTech

pt6002October 5, 2012, Fondo, Italy, The PrimeTech family of prime movers for forestry, building and agricultural applications has added the new PT-600, which will join the existing PT-200 (180 hp), PT-300 (275 hp) and PT-400 (415 hp).

The PT-600 has been designed to work in the most extreme and severe of working conditions and for the toughest jobs, guaranteeing maximum productivity and high performance. Due to its low ground pressure and well-distributed masses, the PT-600 is the most manoeuvrable and agile carrier of its class and also being that the PT-600 is at the same time, the largest model in PrimeTech’s product range.


The heart of the PT-600 is its Cummins QSX15 turbocharged diesel engine with 6 cylinders in line, producing 610 hp, which complies with Euromot/3 and Tier/3 standards. This powerful engine guarantees enough power for the toughest jobs, while at the same time, keeps fuel consumption low.

Hydraulic system

The oversized hydraulic system – designed in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth – means that the 610 hp produced by the engine can be used and transmitted in the best possible way, while at the same time guaranteeing very high efficiency. For travelling, two 90 cc hydraulic pumps are used while for running the head, two 180 cc pumps are used.

 The PT-600 is the largest model in PrimeTech’s product range.


Intelligent cooling

Particular care has been taken to ensure that there are no problems with overheating: both the engine cooling system and the one used for the hydraulics are oversized to guarantee efficient cooling, even during hot summer weather and in very warm climates.
Both cooling systems are “intelligent”, in the sense that they operate according to the actual surrounding conditions. This means that more power is left available for the head and that fuel consumption is lower.

Low ground pressure

Like all the other PrimeTech models, the PT-600 guarantees the same exceptional levels of manoeuvrability and agility even on extremely difficult terrain thanks to its oscillating undercarriage, to the low ground pressure and to the machine’s exceptional load distribution and balance.

PrimeTech offers its customers a choice between wide and narrow tracks:

• STD size with 660 mm tracks, with single grouser type track shoes and ground pressure of 6.45 psi (0,45 kg/cm2);

• LGP size with 800 mm tracks, with double grouser type track shoes and ground pressure of 5.50 psi (0,39 kg/cm2).

Maintenance and accessibility

The PrimeTech philosophy – which has always had an eye on reducing maintenance time and costs – is confirmed once again with the PT-600 by the rational arrangement and easy accessibility of components: side hatches and large easily accessed trap-doors, filters mounted so that they can be accessed with ease, pressure and lubrication checkpoints within easy reach. Even access to areas under the cabin is made simple by the fact that the cabin itself can be tipped up using a hand pump, while a special electric pump is provided to charge up with hydraulic oil. A dedicated toolbox and two spacious storage bins in safe positions complete the many features designed to simplify maintenance operations.

Design and comfort

Finally, the unmistakable design that is seen in all PrimeTech models is confirmed once more in the completely redrawn cabin. It features maximum visibility for the operator, very little noise and vibration, while the ergonomic position of the display and joysticks, together with the machine’s simplicity of use and maximum comfort when in operation, all guarantee the best possible working conditions.


Thanks to its PrimeTech DNA, the PT-600 also inherits great attachment flexibility, allowing a choice of two different types of attachments, which can easily be changed according to the type of application required.

There are currently two heads available for the PT-600:

• FAE 500/U forestry mulching head, available in three working widths and with various types of teeth for land clearing and site preparation operations;

• FAE 500/S subsoiler/forestry tiller, available in two working widths and with various types of teeth for the removal of stumps and roots and land conversion, for working up to depths of 50 cm.

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