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Solenis licenses patented corn oil extraction technology to Buckman

May 24, 2016
By Solenis/Buckman

May 24, 2016 - Solenis LLC and Buckman Laboratories, Inc. announced today the resolution of a pending lawsuit filed by Buckman in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee against Solenis regarding Solenis’ patent for using polysorbate as an additive for corn oil extraction aids. As a result of the settlement, Solenis has licensed the use of its corn oil extraction technology to Buckman. Under the royalty-bearing license agreement, Buckman, a producer of products for the biofuels marketplace, will become an authorized licensee in the United States and Canada of Solenis technology that enhances the efficiency of corn oil extraction in the corn-to-ethanol process.

Solenis’ corn oil extraction technology, which is marketed as Dimension corn oil extraction aids[1], enables fuel ethanol producers to significantly increase their corn oil yield by improving the release of oil during mechanical separation in the corn-to-ethanol process. The technology also promotes reduction of solids in the oil, resulting in both a cleaner, higher-quality oil and less plant down-time for cleaning and maintenance.

“The beneficiaries of this licensing agreement are ethanol producers in the U.S. and Canada because Buckman represents a second channel for them to use Solenis’ corn oil extraction technology in their operations,” said Shruti Singhal, vice president, Industrial Water, North America, Solenis. “This licensing agreement underscores Solenis’ commitment to the marketplace.”

“With this licensing agreement, ethanol producers, through Solenis and Buckman, have access to technology and process options to help facilitate improvement in the efficiency and reduction in the cost of ethanol production,” said Lela Gerald, Buckman vice president of global marketing.

[1] Dimension corn oil extraction aids do not contain alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are biodegradable, kosher-certified and have FDA GRAS approval (generally recognized as safe) when coproducts from the ethanol manufacturing process are used in livestock feed.


About Solenis
Solenis is a leading global producer of specialty chemicals for the pulp, paper, oil and gas, chemical processing, mining, biorefining, power and municipal markets. The company’s product portfolio includes a broad array of process, functional and water treatment chemistries as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems. These technologies are used by customers to improve operational efficiencies, enhance product quality, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, the company has 30 manufacturing facilities strategically located around the globe and employs a team of approximately 3,500 professionals in 118 countries across five continents. For additional information about Solenis, please visit

About Buckman 
Buckman is a privately held, global specialty chemical company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Buckman works proactively and collaboratively with our worldwide customers in pulp and paper, leather, and water treatment to deliver exceptional service and innovative specialty chemical solutions. Our goal is to help our customers boost productivity, reduce risk, improve product quality, and provide a measurable return on investment. Buckman is committed to safeguarding the environment, maintaining safety in the workplace, and promoting sustainable development, for our associates, our customers and our communities in more than 90 countries around the world. For additional information visit

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