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Spotlight on conveyors

November 22, 2016
By Canadian Biomass Staff Report

Nov. 24, 2016 - An overview of the conveying equipment available to biomass companies in Canada.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing
Surrey, B.C.-based Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. engineers and manufactures a diverse range of quality bulk materials handling equipment in numerous industries around the world including pulp and paper mills, sawmills, mining facilities, ports and marine facilities, grain elevators and various bulk loading facilities. Conveyors are available in a number of different styles including belt conveyors, high-lift conveyors, chain conveyors, screw conveyors and underground conveyors. Features include: transfer towers, load chutes, discharge chutes with belt cleaners, platforms and walkways. For clients in forest and wood processing, IEM specializes in design-build solutions, manufacturing a range of quality, reliable products, including the IEM Debarker – an effective debarker and residual fibre recovery system.

Fox Venturi Eductors
Fox Venturi Eductors have been used to convey alternative fuels, ag-waste, pet coke, wood pellets, and shredded tires to cement kilns in Canada and globally since the 1980’s. Venturi eductors supply pneumatic conveying with no moving parts, with no shafts or seals to maintain, and with no fugitive dust – an alternative to rotary valves when handling biomass. Using air at 3-12 psig, Venturi Eductors can convey alt fuel up to 300 feet and sorbents and PAC up to 800 feet. Available in line sizes from two inches to 16 inches, and available with ceramic or tool-steel liners for handling highly abrasive materials with high silica content. Fox can supply eductors with matching blowers, bends, valves, etc.

The simple and highly effective Skalper belt cleaner removes carry-back from the conveyor system, which leads to many adverse complications and costly downtime for repairs and maintenance. The Skalper’s one-piece urethane blade maintains precise contact with the belt at all times, effectively removing dust and residue before it can enter the return side of the system. This dramatically reduces maintenance labour costs and downtime. The unique self-adjusting E-Z Torque Tensioning System with its rubber corrugated dust covers and UHMW bushings ensure no build-up in the spring tensioning area while providing smooth, non-binding tensioning.


Biomass Engineering & Equipment
Biomass Engineering & Equipment designs and manufactures SMART Conveyors for wood processing industries. The twin chain design is totally enclosed and dust tight. SMART Conveyors are available in five sizes to accommodate a wide range of capacities. Key features include: space saving inclines up to 75 degrees; twin chains are totally supported in wear strips; one-half the power requirements of other systems; maintenance friendly design – change curve wear strips from outside the conveyor without breaking the chain; shaft-mounted inverter duty drives; modular construction; claw paddle design limits stresses on the paddle system; minimal support structure required due to robust design.

S. Huot
S. Huot has built a global reputation for providing world-class engineering design, manufacturing and management of custom-designed bulk material handling equipment. Its team of engineers is conscious of the raw material handling challenges of the forest industry operations. The goal: reduce acquisition and operational costs for your various departments including engineering, project management, production, health and safety, maintenance, environment and procurement.

Process Barron
Process Barron has been designing, building, and installing underpile drag reclaimers for 30 years. Underpile drag reclaimers can be used for a variety of materials, and the Process Baron’s are custom made to fit the application and calibrated to ensure a steady fuel flow. They can range from one to six strands wide depending on the application and volume requirements. If redundancy is needed, multiple reclaimers can be put side by side. With low maintenance requirements, rugged construction, and high capacity capabilities, these underpile drag reclaimers are very economical for customers that are looking for a reliable and semi-automated feed system.

Baum Pneumatics
The Baum BE29F heavy-duty, new NFPA designed rotary airlock knife feeder valves are standard dimensions, but can be customized to a specific application. Engineers review the application and evaluate the design based on KST values for the material, temperature, Pred pressure and ambient conditions. Units are built in carbon steel to match the specific NFPA-69 requirements. Special interlocking switches, and controls are also required to match the installation environment. Each valve is uniquely built and documented. The Baum BE29F is ideally suited for all NFPA airlock installations.

Axis Conveyor
Axis Conveyor is a company specializing in custom design and manufacturing of conveyors. Its main product line is the Drag Chain conveyor. The Drag Chain conveyor moves bulk material inside a piping system with discs that are mounted on a moving chain. The inlet and outlet of the conveyor being flanged allows for a completely sealed and dust-free system. The material conveys at low speed keeping the integrity of the product.  The conveyor can move material from 1 to 1,200 cubic feet per hour. The Drag Chain Conveyor can have multiple inlets and outlets and can be directed horizontally, on an incline and vertically.

The Brunette SmartVIBE Vibrating Conveyor is a uniquely simple vibrating conveyor. Utilizing a patented torsion bar system, it has eliminated all coil springs from the conveyor. The design optimizes low cost maintenance and maximum up-time efficiencies and is fully balanced. It can maximize throughput with its secondary trough, and even adjust feeds speeds with the use of a VFD without having to stop for rebalancing. The Brunette SmartVIBE is suitable for many industries including sawmilling, biomass, recycling, pellet manufacturing, plywood, OSB, food processing and agro industries. It is available in different widths and lengths, complete with size specific screening options and metal detection.

The Walinga Ultra-Veyor push system moves bulk by air, maximizing accessibility for any handling or storage facility. Move bulk safely without potentially dangerous augers or airborne particulates and dust. Ultra-Veyor systems are designed to be highly efficient and easy to maintain with all moving components and service points located on the base unit. The system is typically installed semi-permanently, but is built with integrated forklift lift points to make base unit relocations a breeze. Walinga Ultra-Veyors handle the requirements of most operations with models ranging from 10 to 75-plus tonnes per hour. Ultra-Veyor Systems are flexible, expandable and designed to for easy installation.

Designed to handle a variety of products, including biomass and wood waste, Keith Walking Floor systems offer many benefits. The horizontal unloading of a moving floor system eliminates many of the hazards using tipping trailers to unload in the field. Trailers with walking floor systems can safely unload on uneven ground; provide a controlled material discharge; and can unload in windy conditions. There is no risk of hitting overhead power cables or trees during unloading. Walking floor systems unload a range of bulk products, and are ideal for backhauling. They also unload pallets, drums, bales and rolls.

Since the early 1980s, Samson Materials Handling has developed a range of solutions dedicated to the reliable intake, storage and export of general bulk cargoes, including many unusual and cohesive materials such as biomass fuels. Flexibility is at the core of its product concept from truck intake using the Samson surface feeder through to mobile stacking and ship loading solutions that are able to operate from existing berths. Samson is part of the Aumund Group of Germany specializing in bulk handling solutions that provide the very highest levels of performance and reliability.

RUD Chain
RUD Chain is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of case hardened round link chain and components for conveying. The case hardened chain, sprockets, wheels, couplings, and chain attachments are designed for use in a harsh environment. The substantial decrease in component wear results in reduced maintenance and downtime. RUD Chain products are commonly used in fuel delivery and ash handling conveyors.

Tubular Gallery Conveyors provide complete material containment, environmental integrity and minimal upkeep. Applications include transfer between buildings, crossing over roads, railways, right of ways and green spaces, in mill yards, terminals and process facilities. Product is completely retained and no grounds cleanup is needed below the gallery. Benefits include ease of servicing during all seasons, a safe manageable environment, the protection of products and personnel from wind and weather, and the elimination of fugitive dust. Shop pre-assembly in sections can include service piping, cable trays, lights, heating and ventilation. Installation time and cost is reduced. GRIP assists customer to determine optimal conveying solutions.

Continental provides a full range of mechanical bulk handling and storage equipment including en-masse chain conveyors, screw conveyors, belt conveyors as well as storage and reclaim solutions. Robust designs coupled with over 50 years of wood industry and related experience assures quality conveying systems that provide maximum plant uptime. En-masse chain conveyors offer steep angle conveying solutions with capacities up to 930 cubic metres per hour while slewing screw reclaimers for stockpiles or silos can reclaim up to 1200 cubic metres per hour. All equipment is purpose designed and built by a team of experienced engineers, technicians and craftsmen for the exacting requirements of the pellet, biomass, fuel or wood processing industries serviced.

Superior Industries, Inc.
Superior Industries’ TeleStacker Conveyor eliminates material segregation by stockpiling materials in windrows to ensure the stockpile meets spec. The conveyor design has multiple axle options, which include the company’s patented FD Axle, XTP Swing Axle and Pit Portable Axle. Its patented FB Undercarriage is designed to offer the conveyor the best structural support and safety possible. It is also equipped with the Superior-designed PilePro Automation system that helps achieve 30 per cent larger desegregated stockpiles.


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