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Swedish wrap supplier talks residue optimization

Jan 19, 2012, Sweden - Nordic harvest residue cover system supplier Walki has a system and new website dedicated to the optimization and maximization of the use of harvest residues for bioenergy production.

January 19, 2012  By Scott Jamieson

In forests all over the world a huge
amount of logging residue is left lying idle and the bioenergy unused, according to a report on the Renewable Energy Magazine website.
This could be changed by using Obey, a procedure for optimising
bioenergy yield, based on long, Nordic traditions.

Obey is an acronym for “Optimising the
bioenergy yield”, referring to biomass used for producing energy. Walki,
the leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging
materials, has a long experience of close co-operation with the forest
industry and is familiar with the advantages that the procedure behind
Obey brings. In order to promote the efficient use of wooden biomass
globally, Walki is now launching the Obey website.

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