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Trucking company found switching to renewable biodiesel had other benefits

April 27, 2021
By Canadian Biomass Magazine

Truck drivers working for Titan Freight Systems of Portland, Ore. have noticed some significant differences since the company switched to renewable biodeisel to fuel its fleet.

Last fall, the company, which transports goods through Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia, moved to the biofuel made from vegetable oils, livestock tallow and cooking grease instead of relying on crude oil. Not only does the fuel perform like petroleum diesel, it emits less toxic fumes breathed in by Titan’s drivers and a lingering smell they bring home with them.

Drivers had become accustomed to having to shower immediately upon returning home form a long haul when conventional diesel was used in trucks. But these benefits of biodiesel wasn’t what led to Titan’s move in that direction. The shift was triggered by the company’s desire to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases that have been contributing to climate change.

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