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UBC researchers studying microalgae’s potential as a biofuel

March 30, 2021
By Canadian Biomass Magazine


Researchers at the University of British Columbia are looking into the potential biofuel capabilities of algae.

Microalgae is too small to be seen by the naked eye, but the UBC researcher say it could be a game changer in the fight against climate change.

One member of the research team said he believes microalgae has the potential to compete with traditional energy sources. Although the potential is there, the steps necessary to chemically convert microalgae into fuel is costly.

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1 Comment » for UBC researchers studying microalgae’s potential as a biofuel
  1. Barry Cohen says:

    The Algae Biofuel Debacle Continues

    US taxpayers spent over $2.5 billion on algae research at universities and government labs with the first algae biofuel study conducted by Carnegie Mellon.80 years. Sapphire Energy, Solix and Solazyme tried and failed. Where are the ‘promised’ algae biofuels?

    According to the DOE, research milestones were not met and none of the technologies developed under algae research grants were ever proven outside the lab. Not a grat track record.

    How do algae researchers with no experience or training in scale-up of commercial algae biofuel production determine algae biofuels it is too costly?

    For decades algae biofuel researchers have claimed “algae biofuels are too expensive, cannot be done and we need more research”. An outdated Congressional Mandate says the government can only fund algae research, NEVER commercialization and deployment. A boom for research but not private industry. Until things change, algae biofuels we never become a reality.

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