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U.S. had first cellulosic diesel production in November

January 11, 2013
By Argus Media

January 11, 2013, Houston, TX — Generation of biofuels blending credits fell in November 2012 for biodiesel and renewable fuel while cellulosic diesel credits were created for the first time last year and advanced biofuel RIN generation climbed.

Also, for the first time in 2012, cellulosic diesel RINs were created. Just over 1,000 USG of cellulosic diesel was produced, generating about 1,700 RINs. Advanced biofuel RIN generation rose by 36mn to 111.5mn credits generated in November

Renewable fuel credit generation, or D6 RIN creation, was down 12mn credits in November from October's level, dropping to 1.04bn RINs, according to the latest data released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Concurrent production of renewable fuel stood at the same level between the months.

The generation of biomass-based diesel – known as biodiesel and renewable diesel – dropped by 44mn credits to 126mn RINs. Concurrent RIN generation was down 15.9mn RINs month-over-month to stand at 82.6mn RINs in November.

The National Biodiesel Board said today it estimated biodiesel production hit 69mn USG, or 1.64mn bl, in November, implying a renewable diesel production level of 13.6mn USG.


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