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US plant to make gasoline from pellets

February 15, 2012
By Scott Jamieson

Feb. 15, 2012, Hillsborough, NJ - For a new crop of biofuel companies, ethanol is out and "biogasoline" is in. One of them is Primus Green Energy, which according to a report on CNET plans to open a demonstration plant by the end of the year that will convert wood pellets into high-octane gasoline.

The company intends to raise $50 million to $100 million this
year for a commercial-scale plant that would start producing at higher
volumes in 2015.

Many companies break down biomass into sugar through different methods
and then ferment that to make ethanol or speciality chemicals. Primus
Green Energy and others are seeking to make drop-in replacements for
gasoline, jet fuel, and other petroleum-derived chemicals, a strategy
they hope will make their product more attractive and easier to feed
into the existing fuel infrastructure.

The full story, and always entertaining comment debate, can be found here.


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