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Valmet and ReneMat join forces to help pulp mills develop lignin projects

May 29, 2024
By Valmet

Valmet and ReneMat have finalized a collaboration agreement to jointly develop lignin projects within the pulp and paper industry. The agreement includes confirming the full value proposition of lignin production costs and commercialization prior to investment decisions by the mills. The partnership mitigates risk by providing commercially proven Valmet LignoBoost technology, qualifying the mill lignin for specific applications with customers and securing commercial off-takes while addressing the impact of lignin production on mill operations. The result is a validated business case including financial returns prior to any investment. 

Lignin is one of the most abundant renewable polymers on the planet. As the pulp and paper industry and its end-use customers seek more sustainable solutions, manufacturers use lignin as an energy source for mills. Because of this, the market pull for biobased materials is now unprecedented. Lignin-based products can replace numerous fossil-based products, such as plastics, components of lead acid batteries, adhesives and dispersants, just to name a few. Lignin customers are looking for matching performance, surety of supply and contracting with multiple credible mill sources. 

“Valmet has extensive experience in delivering lignin production technology. We have already delivered four LignoBoost plants since 2013. Over the last 11 years, we have further developed the lignin quality our technology can produce and the supporting technologies for the complete lignin mill concept. With the cooperation with ReneMat, we can serve our customers with even wider expert support for the whole lignin value chain,” says Hanna Karlsson, business development manager, lignin technology, at Valmet.

At the PacWest Conference in Canada in May 2024, Valmet will present on the promising potential of lignin. Valmet’s presentation will highlight how lignin-based products can effectively replace fossil-based alternatives in various applications and will also address the growing need for reliable supply chains and partnerships with multiple credible mill sources to meet customer demands. The presentation is part of the annual PacWest Conference, which facilitates collaboration and learning among industry leaders and suppliers in the pulp and paper industry. In addition to the Integrated Lignin Solutions which will be given by Randy Stern, Sr. Product Engineer, Recovery Systems, Valmet also has the presentations listed below.

  • Unleashing the power of shock pulse generators as a non-detrimental boiler cleaning solution – Sarah Henke, Senior Product Manager
  • Building an effective user experience at pulp and paper mills – Andrew Featherstone, DCS Segment Sales Manager
  • Selecting the optimum causticizing plant targets to maximize productivity – Travis Conner, Solution Manager
  • Fossil free kiln – A step towards sustainable pulp – Mats Nordgren, Senior Specialist, Pulp Mills

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