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WPAC Conference & AGM 2020 – Day 1
September 22, 2020 at 11:00am ET

12:50pm - 1:20pm ET
Reforming Canada’s Biomass Boiler Pressure Standards: Progress Report

Dr. Harry "Dutch" Dresser, Consultant Biomass Heating Market Development and Regulatory Review

In order to grow the Canadian wood pellet heating market, the country needs access to modern wood pellet boilers.  There are no small-scale biomass boiler manufacturers in Canada.  The world’s most efficient and modern biomass boilers are manufactured in Europe.  Yet the European boiler standard – EN 303-5 – is not accepted by Canadian regulators, despite this standard being accepted in nearly every other country around the world.  For more than two year, WPAC has been campaigning on many different fronts at both the provincial and federal level to change regulations to allow for small-scale European biomass boilers to be used freely in Canada.  Dr. Dresser will explain WPAC’s efforts over the past two years and the potential for success.

Dr. Harry “Dutch” Dresser

Harry “Dutch” Dresser has been actively involved in innovative product and idea introduction for all of his professional life. Dr. Dresser was a Founding Director of Maine Energy Systems, the first North American company to fully implement the European pellet central heating and bulk pellet distribution model.

Dutch was centrally involved in all facets of the company’s development including European manufacturer relationships, pellet quality control, bulk storage and distribution practices and protocols, management of regulatory, certification, financial and insurance issues, and assistance with sales and marketing practices. He has served as President of the Maine Pellet Fuels Association and on many committees developing best practices documents for the pellet central heating industry, including membership on ISO T238 WG7 creating standards for bulk pellet handling and distribution.

Dutch is currently consulting on regulatory, policy and development issues associated with pellet central heating. He has spoken across North America and in Europe on topics related to the regulation and promotion of biomass, particularly pellets, for domestic, commercial and institutional thermal applications.

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