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WBA launches fact sheet on biomass small-scale heating

October 26, 2012
By World Bioenergy Association

October 26, 2012, Stockholm, SE – The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) is highlighting opportunities in the field of modern bioenergy by publishing a short series of science-based information fact sheets. The first part focuses specifically on biomass to heat generation.

“The WBA would like to draw the attention of the public and the policy makers to the interesting opportunities that small-scale biomass heating systems can offer today. An active policy to speed up the replacement of fossil driven heating systems by renewable heat such as biomass, would not only decrease the dependency from oil and gas imports but will also create many regional jobs, whilst simultaneously reducing consumer expenditure and ultimately lead to further reductions in CO2 emissions,” says WBA’s president, Dr Heinz Kopetz.

In recent years there have been impressive technological advancements, both by industry and the scientific community, in the area of modern small-scale bioenergy heating below 100kW. The main advancements have been in the preparation of the biomass fuel as well as the combustion technology, resulting in increasing efficiencies and continued reductions of harmful emissions by over 90% when compared to older models.

In many regions globally people are using old or out-dated equipment with low energy conversion efficiency that can result in relatively high emissions. Yet, in the last decade, significant improvements in the technology of small-scale biomass combustion has been achieved.

“The public policy for the deployment of renewables is overlooking the significance of the requirement for heat energy. The heat energy sector is often the most important part of overall primary energy. Biomass offers appropriate solutions with high efficiency and economic advantages for the consumers,” says Dr Heinz Kopetz, President of the WBA.


The new fact sheet is just the beginning of the WBA’s series of publications highlighting achievements and developments in modern Bioenergy, with a view to increasing it’s recognition as an efficient, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, convenient and cheap alternative to fossil fuels.

Click here to download the WBA Fact Sheet.

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