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It can be tough to get out to industry events and training opportunities in a remote business like the biomass sector. In an effort to bring the information right to your desktop, Canadian Biomass has launched a series of industry webinars dealing with specific topics ranging from dust safety to market outlooks, resource roadbuilding, UAVs and biomaterials in the P&P sector.

Building on our experience in other markets and the latest in interactive webinar software, we've created a series that is:

  • Easy to use: Just register and click on the webinar link a few minutes ahead of time - that's it.
  • Time effective: No need to go anywhere - you and your staff can watch it from your desk, boardroom or lunchroom. Just 30 to 55 minutes, with time for questions.
  • Affordable: No travel costs, no staff mileage. For $25 you can assemble your whole team in the boardroom, or show it to new staff later on.
  • Valuable: We're bringing in expert in their fields, and asking them to leave you with take-aways you can use.
  • Responsive: If you have a topic you think we should cover, let us know and we'll look for the right expert to do it.
  • Interactive: Ask questions, get answers, arrange follow up.

From now until the end of 2016, look for the following topics:


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