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FINK & WPAC back to back Webinars

April 26, 2024
By Alex Rewutzsky

WPAC May 6th 2024 @ 1:00pm EST:
The Role of Bioheat in the Transition to Electrification

Session Description:
Across Canada regulators, energy providers and governments recognize the need to diversify and expand the electricity grid and to provide carbon-friendly solutions. Experts estimate that Canada’s electricity generation capacity needs to grow 2-3 times larger to meet demand by 2050. While some provinces have traditionally relied on fossil fuels for energy, other provinces which are dependent on hydroelectricity are looking at additional sources of green energy. The fact is, no single solution can meet all energy demands going forward.

Today pellet producers, equipment suppliers, power regulators, governments and customers are demonstrating the ways bioheat can effectively and efficiently alleviate the strain on the environment, electricity and costs. In this webinar we will discuss the role bioheat can play in addressing energy needs, learn from global business cases where bioheat is already making a difference, the policies and incentives required to achieve our energy goals, and highlight leading examples right here at home in Canada.

FINK May 7th 2024 @ 1:00pm EST:
Modern Biomass Heating in Modern Buildings – Why this is not your Grandpa’s wood Stove

Session Description:
Join David Dubois as he explores the latest in biomass heating options for commercial, institutional, and municipal buildings. Learn how biomass district energy can serve as a revenue source while reducing carbon footprints. The session will cover various biomass fuel types, highlighting their typical applications and deployment scenarios. Additionally, key parameters of biomass boilers and systems will be discussed. A series of case studies in diverse settings, including arenas, swimming pools, health facilities, and schools, will also be reviewed to illustrate real-world applications and outcomes.

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