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White paper: How pellets are improving health and ecology in Rwanda

October 11, 2022
By FutureMetrics

Photo: Annex Business Media.

A new white paper from FutureMetrics shows how wood pellets and high-efficiency gasifying pellet cookers will be beneficial to the people and ecology of Rwanda and many other countries in which people use smoky solid fuels for cooking.

Globally, 2.3 million premature deaths are attributed to household air pollution from dirty cook stoves using charcoal or stick wood emitting high levels of particulate matter, black carbon, and carbon monoxide.

The use of charcoal and stick wood for cooking is common for most households in Rwanda. Both of those solid fuels are contributing to poor health.

The cutting down of trees to make charcoal or for firewood use is causing significant deforestation. Work is being done to improve household pollution and reduce deforestation.

FutureMetrics is providing analysis and consulting services to BioMaasters via the support of the Clean Cooking Alliance (an organization within the United Nations).

The efficient and safe production of wood pellets from sustainable feedstock is essential to the success of the clean cooking strategic goals.

This white paper can be found at the FutureMetrics website:

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