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August 24: Why some wood pellet projects fail to perform as expected

July 7, 2016
By Andrew Snook

Why some wood pellet projects fail to perform as expected: How to not lose money making pellets

John Swaan

Making wood pellets appears to be a simple and straight forward process: Take wood chips and sawdust and dry the material to a specified moisture content, mill to a very small particle size, press into a pellet, and load into bags or into bulk carriers. The reality of making wood pellets is far more complex. 

The apparent simplicity of the process has caused many project developers to fail to incorporate the knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, the wisdom gained from experience into the plant designs and operations protocols. To this day, we see projects designed, built, and operated that seemed to have missed the wood pellet making 101 class. It is much more cost effective to get it right the first time rather than to retrofit, or worse, to fail.  

This webinar will highlight several areas that have caused, and continue to cause, pellet plants to under-perform which, in the current markets for pellets, is a pathway to failure. The webinar will include a brief overview of the current state of the heating and industrial pellet markets.

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Date: August 24, 2016
Time: 2:00PM EST
Duration: 45 min + 15 min. Q&A
Presenters: John Swaan and William Strauss, FutureMetrics

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