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Woodland gets $800K for wood-to-ethanol plant

June 26, 2013
By Scott Jamieson

June 26, 2013, Sarnia - Woodland Biofuels of Sarnia, Ontario has received up to $800,000  dollars in Federal Economic Development funding to help continue developing its wood-to-ethanol process at the demonstration scale.

At a news conference here Tuesday, president and CEO Greg Nuttall says the funds will help cover operating
costs for the demonstration plant at Sarnia Lambton’s Western Research
Park, creating 18 full-time jobs. He expects the plant to make cellulosic ethanol
from wood or other cellulosic waste, leading to the building of commercial plants using
the technology. Plant locations would depend on fibre source availability.

The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) lauded the Government of Canada’s investment in Woodland Biofuels as proof of the significant environmental and economic benefits of developing domestic biofuels production in Canada.
“Depending on feedstock, clean-burning, renewable fuels reduce lifecycle carbon emissions and dangerous greenhouse gases by as much as 99 percent compared with petroleum fuels,” said CRFA president W. Scott Thurlow. “Biofuels have proven to be an integral part of Canada’s strategy for reducing emissions from the transportation sector. By strengthening our capacity for domestic renewable fuels production we can ensure that Canada continues to generate these meaningful environmental benefits for generations to come.”
Thurlow went on to explain that in recognition of the known environmental and economic benefits of domestic biofuel production, the Government of Canada introduced mandated requirements for renewable fuel inclusion. He says these mandates have proven vital to advancing renewable fuels use and production in Canada and succeeded in creating an innovative domestic renewable fuels industry.



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