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WPAC updates its website with fresh new look

December 18, 2023
By Wood Pellet Association of Canada

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) has updated its website to reflect continued growth and evolution. Pellets have become mainstream around the world and are making a difference in our green energy future here at home, and that story has never been more important to tell.

In just a decade, Canada’s pellet sector has become one of the largest pellet producers in the world, supplying customers domestically and globally with quality pellets that support a low-carbon economy. The new website is a key tool to help WPAC and its members share their commitment to supplying the world with responsible and renewable clean energy.

The website’s modernization brings improved functionality so it’s easier for you to access the resources you need by searching for the latest research, reports, fact sheets, videos, and webinars on wood pellets. Safety is front and centre for easy access to the latest news, initiatives, and events to keep employees safe.

Pellets + Our Planet defines WPAC’s commitment to sustainability and climate change solutions from responsible sourcing to certification to the important contributions of communities.

Pellets + Bioeconomy digs deep into WPAC’s investment in research and development and the world of possibilities pellets represent.

Pellets + Business captures the commercial and industrial sectors and everything you ever wanted to know about industrial power generators.

Pellets + Your Home connects residential customers with consumer information that helps educate and offer solutions for Canadians to save money and improve home heating with wood pellets.

WPAC’s new website will continue to support the increased demand for Canadian wood pellets by advancing their contribution to the fight against climate change and to new and innovative bioenergy and biomass products.

Find the new website here.

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