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May 27, 2009
By Canadian Biomass

This exhaustive round-up of biomass chippers and grinders is a handy “keeper” reference for anyone in, or thinking of getting into this side of the supply chain.

This exhaustive round-up of biomass chippers and grinders is a handy “keeper” reference for anyone in, or thinking of getting into this side of the supply chain. It is a mix of information from Timber Harvesting magazine (used with permission) and information collected by Canadian Biomass magazine, with all information provided by the equipment suppliers.

The Acrowoood DEAL Processor provides classification and cleaning as a single step process.


Acrowood’s real DEAL
Regardless of the raw fuel source, the Acrowood DEAL Processor is an ideal choice for biomass fuel handling and can be used in either a recovery or main infeed center format accepting, classifying and cleaning the wood rich diet in a single step.

The coarse primary fraction, typically large wood chunks, stumps and logs, stay above the DEAL Processor rotor array where they are cleaned by the abrader tips and the intense tumbling action, while the secondary flow fraction is quickly expelled thru the rotor array interface opening to a collection conveyor. 


The primary flow spills over an adjustable discharge gate, goes thru a reduction process, and onto the boiler fuel accepts conveyor.
Secondary stream is dependent upon the stream’s composition. If the material is heavy to mineral, dirt and inorganic, then the stream may be composted to provide a soil supplement, used for landfill cover, returned to the forest floor, etc.  Where the secondary stream has a high percentage of useable wood fiber with relatively low tramp materials, it can be directed past the chipper or hog and into the boiler accepts conveyor.

If the stream has a high percentage of useable fiber but is contaminated with tramp or mineral components, then it can be further refined by rotary deck screening and destoning to recover the useable wood fiber component.

Only the Acrowood DEAL Processor provides the classification and cleaning aspect as a single step process.  Enhanced by a default metering function to ensure smooth delivery of coarse clean fibre to down stream processes, these heavy duty units provide long term performance with minimum maintenance requirements.

The Bandit 3590 is a 750-hp whole-tree chipper introduced in 2007.


Bandit goes for Fuel
Anticipating an increase in demand for woody biomass, two years ago Bandit Industries began developing new products to expand its line of fuel wood harvesting machines.
The model 3090, a 24 in diameter capacity unit with a large 34 x 30 in opening, has a larger drum, larger chipper opening and a more powerful feed system that includes a drag chain infeed conveyor. With a 630 hp engine, this chipper can fill a 45 ft trailer in less than 20 minutes.

Models 3590 and 3590XL, our newest and largest whole tree chippers, were introduced in 2007. The 3590 is a 30 in diameter capacity unit with 700 hp. In certain applications it will easily fill a 45 ft van in less than 10 minutes. The 3590XL is a 36 in diameter capacity machine with a 36 x 48 in chipper opening and an extremely powerful feed system. The 3590XL can fill a 45 ft van in about six minutes.

Any of Bandit’s Beast Recyclers can now be converted to a chipper to produce a conventional screened chip utilizing the patent-pending Beast Knife System.  

As a whole tree chipper, the Beast will effectively chip large diameter material and is an excellent unit for logging slash and sawmill waste. In addition, the knife life in the Beast is actually better than the knife life in a whole tree chipper. If material is too contaminated to chip, you can simply switch to carbide cutting and grinding tools and then switch back to the knives in a cleaner material, lowering the fuel consumption and operating costs.

Dumping into waiting containers is a key element to these systems in Sweden.


Bruks chips on the go
This forwarder mounted chipper turns logging residues to biomass where you need it. Logging slash can be piled up at the edge of the logging area, or for smaller jobs, the machine can go get it. The chipper is installed on a forwarder with crane for efficient feeding into the chipper. A spiked drum feeds the material to a chipper drum with two exchangeable knives, chipping the material against an anvil. The two chipping knives are changed daily.

The chipper drum’s 1,000 rpm give a uniform infeed and high capacity. It is powered by a Scania 12 litre, 450 hp industrial engine. BRUKS manufactures about 40 mobile chippers per year, and today there are a total of some 150 professional forwarder mounted chippers operating in Sweden.

The computerised control system is making it easy to troubleshoot and follow up production, and is handled by the operator via a touch-screen in the forwarder cab. Wood chips are thrown out of the rotor’s chip pockets to a chip accelerator and through the turnable chip tube into a chip bin. The chipper produces 30 to 50 tons/h of chips when used to its full capacity. In operation over a longer period of time, an average of some 20 ton/hr is realistic.

When the chip bin is full, the forwarder moves to a container waiting by the forest road to dump the chips into. These are picked up by a fleet of tractor trailers. These logistics are important for the efficient handling of chips. The trucks leave behind empty containers to allow hot logging operations to continue.

The chipping operation continues more or less day and night, all year round. The demand for fuel chips to produce power and heat in Sweden is steadily growing.

Four swappable rotors may be just what today’s biomass contractor needs.


CBI has flexible strength
Who knows where the future of biomass contracting lies? Not us, and not CBI. That’s why they’ve made the Magnum Force 6400 to be what they call the world’s most versatile grinder. With four different, field-swappable rotors (forged drum rotor; solid steel rotor; and two application specific drum chipper rotors), in a single day you can go from making mulch from trees and stumps, to chipping stem wood into 2-30 mm fiber length, to grinding highly contaminated C&D or railroad ties with the tie plates attached.

Features 765 – 1050 hp diesel or electric engine and is 2.99 meters wide to meet European standards. Track-mounted, wheel-mounted and stationary versions available. CBI has a revolutionary chipping process that can deliver uniform 3mm – 6mm micro-chips in a single pass. Traditionally, pellet manufacturers used sawdust when it was available. But as sawdust becomes scarce due to the popularity of this fuel, they have turned to whole tree chips (approximately 30mm in size) and they put them through a time-consuming and costly process of grinding in order to prepare the material for the pellet press. But CBI chippers like the Magnum Force 6400 and the Magnum Chipper 8400 yield uniform micro-chips that can bypass those processes and immediately be dried and milled into feed stock for the pellet press – saving up to 75% of the input power requirement while increasing the pellet press throughput.

Savings can be substantial with a grinder plugged into the grid.  

CW’s plug & pay grinders
As the cost of diesel fuel has increased, electric powered wood grinders have
become the grinder of choice for an increasing number of grinding professionals.  In most cases, when using electric power, the savings will make your monthly grinder payment. CW has been manufacturing HogZilla brand electric & diesel-powered grinders for over 30 years. Industry’s top professionals prefer HogZilla because of proven production, reliability, strength, durability, and solid value.

HogZilla grinders can be configured to suit your operation with top quality.  The industry’s best track-driven grinders as well as advanced trailer-mounted units with grapple loaders and many other unique process specific options are available including scrap-tire processing attachments.

If your operation can access electric power, let us show you how to revolutionize your operation as a private or municipal processor.  We can provide you with machinery options that can save you so much money that you will wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner.

If you are unable to access electric power due to location or mobility requirements, you need to become aware of the proven efficiency, reliability, and torque multiplying strength of Hogzilla’s true torque converter drive that is the drive of choice in the top of the line HogZilla diesel powered units.  Contact CW Mill to become fully aware of the benefits that go along with HogZilla’s torque multiplying torque converter, and find out why we back them with a 5 year / 6,000 hour limited warranty.

Diamond Z grinds it all
Diamond Z offers a broad range of tub and horizontal grinders and trommel screens designed to suit any application. From high-volume composting needs, to disaster cleanup, to stockpile tire disposal, to solid waste reduction, no grinder outperforms the Diamond Z.

The company has experienced steady growth since it was founded in 1989. It is recognized as a world-class manufacturer of high production tub and horizontal grinders. In 1996 Diamond Z introduced the world’s first totally enclosed tub grinder to maximize safety in sensitive environments. The enclosed grinder processes a variety of materials at unparalleled production rates and is the best choice for operators in highly populated locations.

Diamond Z is committed to satisfying waste disposal needs of customers in a timely manner. This commitment is what makes the company a trusted grinding expert domestically and abroad.

Maintenance doors and compact conveyor make access easy and loading fast.


DuraTech fast grind & load
All good tools have two things in common: they are reliable and they make your job easier. Having the right tool or piece of equipment is the most important element for getting the job done right and on time. DuraTech’s 3010T tub grinder was built to make your job easier. It was designed for ease of use, with features like a 6-function remote control and an engine compartment that has three doors per side to provide easy access for quick fixes and routine maintenance. The 3010T will also go where other grinders couldn’t even position a conveyor, thanks to its unique track system.

The 3010T does not sacrifice power for the sake of being flexible and maneuverable. It’s powered by either a 475 hp or 540 hp C15 Caterpillar electronic diesel engine that meets Tier III standards. The engine sits protected from debris in a compartment designed to reduce noise levels.

Finally, you can’t grind if you can’t load. The compact stacking conveyor allows you to load the finished product into a truck or place it neatly onto an existing pile. DuraTech even offers an optional magnetic roller and aluminum chute to separate unwanted metal.

Clients like the fuel cost per ton and high velocity discharge.


Dynamic features for better chips
In recent years significant numbers of producers have chosen Dynamic’s patented Cone-Head chipper to profitably enter the growing fuel wood market. The double-cone drum design has proven to be more fuel-efficient, producing more tons per litre and more tons per horsepower.

According to Charles Ledbetter of Antoine, AR, who is running a model 585 with a 440 hp Cat, the live infeed bed and the 34 x 22 in throat opening make for easy feeding of logging slash. The unique cutting angle of the Cone-Head drum makes a consistent high quality chip.

Sherwood Padgette in North Carolina has been running a model 570 with a 365 hp Cummins for over two years. He calls it “the most important machine I own” because it allows him to take more product off each jobsite and “it keeps me off the lowboy,” reducing costly moves. He chips eight to 12 loads per day and loves the smooth cutting action of the Cone-Head drum as well as the low fuel cost per ton.

Brad Hassek of Lufkin, TX is running a model 585 with a 500 hp John Deere engine and doing five to eight loads per day from delimber slash and wood refuse. He likes the high velocity discharge, which makes for tightly packed loads, and says he can feed his 585 material that other machines wouldn’t take. The simplicity of maintenance and operation, mobility and durability are also features that attracted him to Dynamic.

The Crambo makes co-gen material in the forest in one pass.


Komptech’s two models
The Chippo 500: This is a tractor driven drum chipper for processing whole wood trunks and branches.  The robust design and the use of premium components make the drive rating of up to 500 hp possible.  This means a throughput of up to 235 cubic yards per hour.  The Chippo 500 offers the choice between “material-friendly”, energy saving discharge via conveyor belt or conventional discharge via a blower featuring variable rotation speed.  These two options let you create a stock pile or load out a truck with just the press of a button.  Komptech will be offering three larger versions in 2009, the Chippo 5000, 6000, and 7000.

Crambo 6000 Forest: The “Forest” model integrates a star screen unit into the discharge of the Crambo wood shredder.  When the Crambo is shredding root stocks, green waste and forest residue containing soil and other residue, the fine fraction is effectively screened out in one operation. This is ideal for the customer looking to process co-gen in the forest in one pass.   This unit is available on tracks, as well as semi trailer with grapple.  Komptech provides three different power packages ranging from 340 hp to 600 hp.

The 40/36 boasts the lowest fuel consumption per ton of chips according to Morbark.


Morbark, more bite
Morbark has introduced the all-new model 40/36 whole tree chipper. Compact, affordable and productive, this drum chipper is specifically geared for the biomass industry and it’s creating a buzz with medium to large fuel producers.

Equipped with the same internal drive perfected on Morbark horizontal grinders, along with an extra wide feed opening, the 40/36 aggressively feeds brushy tops and limbs. This chipper effortlessly fills a chip van to maximum legal load capacity. This compact unit is easily transportable and requires no permits to move. The economical chipper also offers the “lowest fuel consumption per ton of chips produced.”

The 36×40 in. wide drum holds eight knives in a staggered configuration. Morbark’s unique IQAN system monitors engine parameters as well as hydraulic pressures and temperatures and allows for utilization of remote diagnostics. Power options are available up to 700 HP Cat or John Deere. Wireless remote control and four hydraulic stabilizers complete the package.

The 5710C combines 1,050 hp with the ability to move quickly between jobs.

Peterson 5710C tops 1,000 hp mark
The 5710C is Peterson’s latest generation of high production track grinders. Powered by the Caterpillar C27 or C32 engine at 1,050 hp, this grinder provides the highest power-to-weight ratio of any Peterson grinder. At approximately 83,000 lb, the 5710C was designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs. With a feed opening of 60 x 44 in, combined with Peterson’s high lift feed roll, the 5710C can readily reduce a wide range of materials including stumps.

The 5710C uses Peterson’s new generation of Impact Release System that can be set in the detent mode to provide consistent product sizing or switched to the floating anvil mode for a primary reduction where accurate sizing is less critical. The floating anvil mode provides a high production primary reduction with more protection from contaminated feedstocks and reduced fuel consumption.

The 5710C’s new generation of controls includes a high production Adaptive Control System and a fully adjustable feed system that can be optimized for a wide range of materials. The new control panel provides self-diagnostics for faulty sensors and open circuits. Fault indicators make trouble shooting easy. An optional on-board modem permits remote diagnostics and monitoring of many machine parameters. The control panel features a large LCD display that provides the operator with the information needed to efficiently operate the unit. System pressure transducers and remote monitoring capability simplify setup and provide complete engine and system parameters.

The 5710C features a large grate area that enables it to produce materials to exact specifications. A quick-change multiple grate system makes it easy to customize grate configurations to produce a wide variety of finished materials.

Another major innovation included on the 5710C is the Impact Cushion System. Urethane cushions allow movement of the compression roll/anvil housing pivot shaft, cushioning impacts due to contaminants. Shear pins above the cushion and a sensing circuit that stop the engine help protect the shaft from catastrophic damage in the event of a severe impact.

ProGrind grinders can be converted to a chipper in very little time.


Precision Husky chips or grinds in one
Precision Husky is now offering a chipper drum on all its ProGrind horizontal grinders, according to Billy Daniels, vice president of engineering. The cutting mechanism of the machine can be changed from grinder to chipper in a very short time. The first unit to be on demonstration this year will be the model H-3045. This option allows chips of any size to be made using standard adjustable chipper knives. Considering that the chips must pass through a screen plate before they are conveyed away, this makes it much easier to size the end product.

The grinder part of the new unit is engineered with a double cut hammermill that uses different hammer bodies. This feature reduces engine horsepower by cutting the wood with two different cutting diameters. Not only is this more efficient, the common problem of frequent jamming is also eliminated.

The new option is available on units ranging from a Caterpillar C13 with 520 hp to a Caterpillar C27 with 1,050 hp. All units are equipped with a self-adjusting hydraulic clutch.

Saving money by cutting out diesel.


Rawlings’ big grind, small cost
This high performance portable electric wood waste recovery system has full grinding capabilities at lower operation costs, eliminating the high cost of diesel.The Rawlings HZX is a heavy duty wood hog that can process material of any length to the customer’s exact specifications.  The simplicity of the Rawlings rugged design with the Super Hi Inertia rotor comes complete with interchangeable Roc Wear Striker Bit system and internal liners, and sizing grates are bolted in, eliminating high maintenance costs.

The Rawlings E4600 is protected by an Anvil Swing Away feature that allows metal and other damaging objects to drop through onto the out feed conveyor before entering the grinding chamber. When shear pins are sheared a protection circuit shuts down hog and conveyor to protect the machine.

Another feature is the Rawlings Patented Multi Step Anvil serving as a primary breakdown, adding life to your sizing screen. All machine’s come complete with rotary temperature displays and centralized auto lubrication center to protect the machine and allow the ability to constantly observe the machines performance.  Rawlings has been manufacturing and installing Waste Wood Recovery systems for over 30 years. Several series of product lines available in both vertical and horizontal models.

Rotochopper offers what contractors need to make a wide range of value-added products from a wide range of feedstocks


From slash to value with Rotochopper
Rotochopper, Inc. manufacturers an extensive lineup of equipment for converting low-grade waste materials into high-value biomass fuels, colored mulch, and a wide range of other finished products.  For over 20 years, Rotochopper has been helping customers develop and foster new opportunities for low-value materials by providing innovative equipment solutions, including horizontal grinders and wood chip processors.  Known for their ability to make superior finished products, Rotochopper grinders offer the efficiency and reliability necessary for consistent production of high quality boiler fuel and other end products with demanding specifications. 

Rotochopper offers equipment in a wide range of size and horsepower (75-700 hp), with a fully developed line of electric grinders, in addition to portable and tracked diesel models.  This broad selection of equipment is further strengthened by impressive standard features and Rotochopper exclusive options, which allow operators to make high-quality products from vastly different raw materials: from forestry slash and sawmill waste to switchgrass bales and tomato vines.

Designed for optimal horsepower efficiency, Rotochopper grinders allow operators to consistently deliver“Perfect In One Pass” finished products at low operating costs.  This combination of finished product quality and efficiency opens more opportunities for low value materials.  The reputation of Rotochopper grinders for generating high value end products at low costs has made them popular for processing wood fiber biomass and many other applications where finished product quality determines the bottom line.

Trelan makes six whole tree chippers for paper or fuel chips.


Trelan celebrates 35 years of producing one of the world’s most productive and profitable heavy-duty whole tree chippers for paper chips, board chips, fuel chips or just land clearing. Trelan chippers are known for producing the highest quality chips when it comes to size and uniformity. As well, Trelan chippers are known for very high production rates, heavy duty design, replaceable wear parts, ease of portability, long knife life and compact design, which are all extremely important in today’s world where being profitable is ever so important. Trelan now offers six heavy-duty whole tree chippers consisting of three models with loaders and three models that are remote controlled without loaders.

With what it calls the largest infeed opening on the market, Vermeer’s HG8000 can take material usually limited to tubs.

Vermeer’s big mouth chipper
The Vermeer HG8000 horizontal grinder offers the largest infeed opening on the market and is powered by a 1050-hp (783 kW) Tier 3 CAT diesel engine. With a millbox opening of 50 inches (127 cm) high by 71.5 inches (182 cm) wide, the HG8000 allows operators to load a higher volume of raw material and grind materials usually reserved for tub grinders. To maximize productivity, the exclusive SmartGrind feature stops and reverses material from feeding into the patented Duplex Drum when engine rpm drops below an efficient operating range. The reversible hammers and cutter blocks on the Duplex Drum last nearly twice as long as single-sided designs.

The machine is equipped with two screens that allow for countless screen
combinations and end product sizing. The screens are hydraulically positioned and are designed for easy removal through the top of the mill box opening. A ground accessible anvil is easier to maintain or replace. Overlapping conveyors help keep debris from falling under the machine reducing cleanup time. The HG8000 features an optional, water pump system for fire protection that can also be used to wash down the machine.

Titan grinders are designed for high-output producers.

West Salem Titans handle it aLL
West Salem Machinery (WSM) is the proud manufacturer of tough, reliable and built-to-last grinders. WSM’s Titan Series 6000 horizontal unit features an unbeatable match of design and construction. 

This massive machine features a 60 in diameter by 70 in wide rotor assembly for processing high volumes.  The Titan can be operated in upstroke or downstroke configuration and includes dual electric drive motors (800-1,500 hp) with belt drive to the grinder rotor. The extra long drag chain infeed and aggressive powered feed roll provide a large infeed area for efficient loading of materials and utilize proportional hydraulic load-sensing controls. The extra large throat opening and variable speed infeed are helpful when processing large and bulky materials.

The Titan Series 6000 is just one in the new line of WSM Titan Grinders that are designed for high volume processors looking to reduce the cost per ton and demand reliable operation and long machine life.

Fewer parts, more production
Woodsman is a leader in the design and manufacturing of slow drum style chippers. Available in models from 80 to 800 HP, Woodsman chippers offer many innovations, including rear pivoting feed wheel and full pocket knife design. Our engineering places a strong emphasis on the design and manufacturing of our product so that your operation can be more productive and profitable.

Woodsman chippers have fewer moving parts than the competition. We pride ourselves on our implementation of important features, a few of which include our clean design, use of gearboxes and plug-and-play electronics.

Our biomass chippers include models 332, 334 and 337. An additional unit, the model 320, is currently in production and being sold overseas, and we introduced the model 320 to the North American market during summer of 2008.

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