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Bandit’s XP-Series Beast recyclers and horizontal grinders

June 18, 2013
By Canadian Biomass

bandit_3680xpJune 18, 2013, Remus, Mich. - Bandit Industries new Beast Recyclers will carry the XP badge to reflect more than 35 specific enhancements, which the company says makes its leading line of horizontal grinders even better.

"We knew it was time to
christen a new line of Beasts," said Jerry Morey, president of Bandit
Industries. "XP stands for extra power, extra performance, extra production and
extra profit and that's exactly what our customers can expect with the new
XP-series Beast."

Model 2680XP, 3680XP and
4680XP Beast Recyclers feature angled front infeeds with larger infeed drive
chains. Track Beasts feature height-adjustable pans for adjusting feed angle. A
new rail system on the return side of the infeed replaces the roller system,
significantly reducing load on the tail shaft.

These machines also offer a
new "Big Mouth" option that increases the height of the opening into the mill.
An extra-large 32-inch diameter feed wheel is optional and includes a brush
deflector to better direct material into the machine.

Changes continue inside the
mill housing. Base door openings are now larger for easier removal of the
cuttermill. Replaceable wear plates are now standard on the left side (radiator
side) of the mill base, and optional on both sides. A convenient trap door
allows for cleaning in the auger area, while the auger itself is redesigned and
easier to change.


Several new teeth styles are
available, and they are subjected to a new proprietary strengthening process
delivering longer tooth life. Two-inch wide sizes are available for most teeth,
allowing operators to run a 30-tooth setup.

New teeth mounts are now
compatible with knife cutterbodies, eliminating the need to change cutterbodies
when switching between chipping and grinding. Freeze-hardened teeth, screens
and wear items are also optional. For customers exclusively chipping with the
Beast, a new chipping drum is available.

For engines, adjustable
pitch fans are now standard, enhancing engine cooling and fuel efficiency. Mill
shafts are larger on the Model 1680XP and 2680XP to accommodate higher
horsepower engines, which are now available for these machines.

Numerous convenience options
and enhancements include redesigned fuel tanks on track machines for better
steep-terrain performance, with increased fuel capacity on the Model 1680XP.
Warning lights for clutch and engine operation are relocated for easier
monitoring. On-board air compressors are repositioned for more convenient
operation, and upgraded impact wrenches are standard. An over-band magnet is
optional and recommended for both shingle and pallet grinding.

"Beasts will handle
everything from waste wood to shingles and plastic," said Morey. "Whether you
are grinding or chipping, the new Beast XP-Series can make a big difference in
your operation."

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Beast XP-Series visit,

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