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Biofuels projects among 19 funded by Clean Resource Innovation Network

November 17, 2023
By Clean Resource Innovation Network

The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) is proud to announce the funding of 19 additional high-impact projects, totalling $16.1 million CAD in support. With this new commitment, CRIN continues to validate its role as a springboard for advancing Canadian energy innovation and competitiveness, while simultaneously improving the environmental performance of Canada’s oil and gas industry.

These projects have been selected to receive support through an optimization of funding dedicated to the high quality applicant pool from within CRIN’s Oil and Gas Technology Competitions, which aim to address pressing environmental and economic challenges. Upon successful commercialization, these initiatives are poised to make tangible and substantial contributions to society, including emissions reductions, decreased water and land use intensity, and job creation. CRIN has entered the contracting phase, a rigorous process to finalize the funding agreement, for this portfolio of projects.

“CRIN is excited to provide funding for these impactful projects,” said Glen McCrimmon, CRIN’s director of operations. “These projects align well with CRIN’s vision where Canada is the global leader in clean hydrocarbons from source to end use and exemplify how oil and gas energy development and environmental stewardship can go hand-in-hand. We look forward to seeing these initiatives progress in the coming months.”

“The funding announced today will offer critical support to Canadian innovators and contribute to the commercialization of ground-breaking technologies that will help our oil and gas industry’s environmental performance.” said Francois-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “Congratulations to all recipients of the CRIN program support; your projects will help our innovative industries reduce their carbon footprint and play a key role in helping Canada reach its climate goals.”

The following projects have been identified for funding, highlighting the diverse range of innovations and their potential to drive progress within the energy sector:

Lead Applicant Project Title Funding from CRIN
3P Technology Corp. 3P Technology’s Stationary Seismic Monitoring $100,000
Acceleware Ltd. Electromagnetic Heating Technology (using radio waves) to Heat and Mobilize Heavy Oil and Bitumen $3,000,000
AIRMarket Inc. Energy UTM Trials Extension $1,700,000
Arolytics Inc. Development and Demonstration of an Integrated Emissions Management Platform $400,000
Calscan Energy Ltd. Tank Methane Emissions Mitigation with Calscan Hydrocyclone $45,000
Cnergreen Corp. Testing Nanoparficle-Based Foam Technology to Improve the Efficiency of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage $900,000
COPSYS Technologies Inc. Intelligent Digital Skin Tech Qualification & Pilot $800,000
Enaimco Management Ltd. Terra Nova Pilot Project $550,000
G4 Insights Inc. G4 PCH Reactor Scale Up Validation $300,000
General Energy Recovery Inc. Co-Injecting Steam & Combustion Gases $1,574,000
GRU Organics CSV Midstream Waste Heat Vertical Farm $248,000
Hydron Energy Inc. Waste to Fuel: Accelerating Commercialization of the Lowest Cost & Smallest Scale Novel Biogas-to-RNG Upgrading System $602,000
Ionada Incorporated Modular Membrane Decarbonization $2,000,000
Kinitics Automation Limited Kinitics Valve Actuator for Gas Producers $185,000
St. Francis Xavier University Flare Tip Combustion Efficiency Monitoring Using Drones for Methane Detection $225,000
Standing Wave Reformers Inc. A New Wave In Hydrogen Production $600,000
Tourmaline Oil Corp. Easy Storage and Smart Engine Management System $1,000,000
University of British Columbia Deployment of Low-Cost, Low Emission Hydrogen Plant from Natural Gas Pyrolysis $1,250,000
University of Regina Development Of an Integrated Mobile System (MMS) for Methane Utilization and Produced-Water Treatment $596,000

These funding amounts represent the maximum support available from CRIN for each project.

The funding for these innovative initiatives is made possible through the Government of Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund.

These projects align with CRIN’s overarching objectives, targeting issues across CRIN’s seven themes:

  • Cleaner Fuels – Reducing Carbon Intensity
  • Digital Oil and Gas
  • Carbon Capture and Value-added Products
  • Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Novel Land and Wellsite Remediation
  • Methane Monitoring, Quantification and Abatement
  • Water Development Technology

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