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BioWatch: A new social platform for bio-based research

August 2, 2018
By BioWatch

Aug. 2, 2018 - A new social platform called BioWatch has been launched to help projects within the bioeconomy sector increase awareness about their bio-based research findings.

Despite significant economic investment and dedicated research in the bio-based domain, public awareness of the potential benefits of bio-based products and applications is still relatively low. The need to raise awareness of this potential and promote the benefits of these products and applications is clear.

BioWatch is a new online collaborative platform, designed specifically for the communication of research results related to the bioeconomy and to raise awareness of the potential of bio-based products and their applications. The platform also acts as a community tool, developed to enhance collaborative opportunities between a wide variety of stakeholders, including industry, political stakeholders, the media and the general public.

You could describe it as an e-library for bio-based research and projects. Each project has a SEED, which displays information about the project in an accessible and engaging format. A SEED will contain similar information to a project’s website, but offers a stronger level of engagement with the target audience that cannot be achieved through a website alone.

Interested stakeholders and general members of the public can both view your SEED, and you can communicate with both parties. Members of BioWatch can follow whichever SEEDs interest them and receive push notifications when an update has been made.


Everyone can now join the BioWatch SEED Research Library, and by signing up and becoming a member you will gain many additional benefits:

Customise Your Library
Customise your homepage so only the thematic areas in which you have a particular interest are displayed. As a Library member, you can also personalise your experience and follow certain projects that are of interest to you.

Stay Informed
Keep fully up to date about the latest research breakthroughs, news and upcoming events in the bioeconomy sector. As a member, you will receive instant push notifications when one of the projects you are following updates its SEED. You will also receive recommendations for other projects to follow based on your profile.

Ask Questions
Pose questions and communicate directly with the research projects you are interested in by using the Instant Messaging system. You can also leave comments on a project’s SEED Wall, and receive alerts when others respond.

Keep Connected
BioWatch will be used by policymakers, industry experts and the media. As a Library member, you will be part of this growing community of stakeholders within the bioeconomy sector. You will be able to communicate with other Library users to discuss new developments and ideas about future collaborative opportunities.

To find out more, take a look at the BioWatch platform now!

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