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Brunette launches four new products

June 29, 2010
By Brunette Industries

 Brunette BioSizer  
June 29, 2010, New Westminster, BC – Brunette Industries Ltd. has launched four new biomass-related products this year: a debarker, a grinder, a vibrating conveyor, and a whole-log chipper.

June 29,
2010, New Westminster, BC – Brunette Industries Ltd. has launched four new
biomass-related products this year.

Brunette Reclaimer

Brunette reclaimer  

The Brunette
Reclaimer is a bin-type debarker, developed to increase your fibre supply by
performing quality debarking of difficult material such as log yard debris,
pulpwood of various diameters, cedar, and frozen aspen. It features a rugged,
simple design that efficiently separates valuable wood fibre from dirt and rock
as it debarks. The robust design minimizes the need for large spare parts
inventory and makes the Reclaimer easy and inexpensive to maintain. It is
available with hydraulic or electric drive, and works as a batch feed with side
discharge (as shown) or continuous feed with end discharge gate.

Brunette BioSizer

 Brunette BioSizer  

trademarked BioSizer is a rugged, high-speed, waste wood grinder specifically
designed to produce a fine, consistent product. It’s built to be low
maintenance with a high inertia rotor and fixed hammers. Four rows of staggered
hammers provide maximum bites per revolution. This grinder processes oversized
“bush-grind” hog fuel, trim blocks, wood chips, demolition materials, and
typical urban wood waste to a fine, consistent size for the biomass industry.
The main frame is protected with internal bolt-on replaceable wear liners. The
grate has a progressive rectangular hole pattern and can be easily changed out
to other hole patterns to suit the required product size.

Brunette Smartvibe Vibrating Conveyor

Vibrating Conveyor  

Brunette Smartvibe Vibrating Conveyor is a novel and simple vibrating conveyor.
Its design optimizes low-cost maintenance and maximum uptime efficiencies with
a springless vibratory mechanism that is fully balanced at each stroke. The
patented design allows operators to increase conveying speed through the
use of controls without costly shutdowns. Speed is varied using a variable-speed
drive to control the drive motor RPM that effects the conveyor stroke. This
conveyor is suitable for many industries, including biomass, recycling, pellet
manufacturing, sawmill, plywood, OSB, food processing, and agricultural
industries. It’s available in various widths and lengths, complete with
size-specific screening options and metal detection, and can be
custom built to suit the customer’s needs.


  • Fully
  • No coil
  • No
    external balance beams
  • Adjustable
    stroke / variable speed
  • Rocker
    arm assembly
  • Torsional
  • Polyurethane
  • Eccentric
    drive shaft
  • Rubber
    Elastomer springs
  • Standard

Brunette Whole Log Chippers

Whole-log chipper  

has expanded its chipper line-up to include a whole-log chipper. This
horizontal feed chipper has a powered upper press roll and powered lower
bedroll to control the feed of the logs to give a high-quality chip. Two rotors
are available: a standard rotor for up to 1¼-inch nominal pulp chip, and the new
MicroChip rotor, which is designed to produce a ¼-inch nominal chip. Each rotor
can be outfitted with the standard Brunette quick-change knife system or the
“disposable” key knife system.

A hard
surfaced anvil mounted in a breakaway support frame prevents damage from
foreign material. The knife to anvil clearance is easily checked through access
doors mounted on each side of the chipper frame. The rear access platform and
hood make knife maintenance easy and safe. The whole-log chipper includes a common
sub-frame that ties the in-feed, chipper, motor, and HPU together for rigidity,
and one-lift installation. It’s available in various sizes and model

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