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Clarksville, Ark., issued BDO Zone AA rating for poultry litter

June 16, 2023
By BDO Zone Initiative

The City of Clarksville, Clarksville Connected Utilities (CCU), and Ecostrat are pleased to announce the issuance of a new Bioeconomy Development Opportunity (BDO) Zone designation for poultry litter.

The Clarksville BDO Zone is rated ‘AA’, or very low risk, based on steady and reliable generation of large volumes of biomass, well-developed and mature supply chain components, and strong local community support for new bio-based project development. The rated feedstock quantity is notable for its size: 2.4 million tons per year of poultry litter is generated in the Clarksville BDO Zone, which extends a 75-mile drive distance, centering in the city.

David Rieder, mayor of Clarksville stated, “The City of Clarksville is at the dawn of a robust market shift that could not come at a better time as environmental pressures are mounting on all sides of our economy. My administration’s mission is to address these issues by promoting sustainability, eliminating food insecurity, and reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources. Our “AA” BDO Zone Rating is the first step toward building a diverse economy that addresses those issues head-on. We are proud to be leading Arkansas and the Nation into a promising 21st Century.”

Clarksville’s Poultry Litter rating is the third ‘AA’ rating issued in North America. The ‘AA’ Rating issue indicates that Clarksville merits strong consideration as a location for new bio-based project development that requires stable, long-term supplies of poultry litter.


Jordan Solomon, chairman of the BDO Zone Initiative added, “We commend Clarksville for embracing the opportunity to utilize poultry litter, an unavoidable and valuable by-product, not only to address environmental concerns but also positively impact the political landscape. This transformative approach turns a major statewide issue into an attractive investment opportunity. Undoubtedly, the ‘AA’ BDO Zone Rating will shed light on Clarksville as one of the leading areas in the nation for a biobased facility specializing in poultry litter processing.”

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