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Combustion Expert Énergie encourages propane gas users to switch to biomass

December 4, 2019
By Combustion Expert Énergie

Propane gas users, particularly farmers, have had a hard time in recent weeks because of the conflict at the Canadian National Railway Company (CN). Although this situation has been resolved for a few days, the collateral victims of this conflict must find an alternative to avoid being taken hostage if such a situation reoccurs. One of these solutions would be the use of biomass, a local and renewable energy.

Quebec imports around $9.4 billion per year of fossil fuels, a large part of which is consumed for heating and steam production in industrial processes. Our society would benefit from using local resources and renewables to create a circular economy beneficial to Quebec’s finances.

“Many drying processes already use biomass as heating equipment. The transportation of this would not be problematic, because there is presently an abundant amount in Quebec. In addition, biomass is a source of carbon-neutral energy,” explains Claudia Goulet, partner at Combustion Expert Énergie, a company that specializes in the sale of biomass thermal power plants and the automation and optimization of biomass combustion chambers.

The raw material used with a forest biomass system is not subject to fluctuations in market prices, making it a fuel choice that ensures predictability of operating costs for businesses.


“With biomass, we guarantee Quebec’s energy security because it is abundant in the province and has a small ecological footprint. Quebec must encourage the use of greener energies such as biomass to achieve its GHG reduction goals,” Goulet concluded.

About Combustion Expert Énergie

Founded in 1997 and led today by Sylvie Milette and Claudia Goulet, Combustion Expert Énergie has a team of specialists throughout Quebec. Its state-of-the-art expertise in thermal processes used in industrial production processes makes it the preferred partner of many companies involved in food processing, chemical and petrochemicals, sawmills, pulp and paper, and other industrial applications. Its intimate knowledge of industry needs and heating processes has led the company to develop innovative solutions and offer efficient, flexible and reliable services.

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