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Drax reports strong year for 2023, targets 8Mt pa of pellet production capacity by 2030

It reported adjusted EBITDA rising from £731 million ($1.26 billion Cdn) in 2022 to £1.214 billion ($2.09 billion Cdn) in 2023. The growth was attributed to an expansion in system support services, renewable generation, and energy solutions for customers.

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Critical tools in our transition to the bioeconomy

Learn why standards and research are critical for advancing the bioeconomy in Canada and how they can help our country become a global leader.

Ontario investing another $60 million in Forest Biomass Program

The program funds projects that harvest more wood from Crown forests, increase regional economic growth and find new uses for underutilized wood and mill by-products, known as forest biomass, in collaboration with stakeholders, industry and Indigenous communities.

Drum Dryers Symposium: Save the date!

Drum dryers present the risk of fires and explosions due to combustible dust, as well as conditions that can lead to the generation and accumulation of combustible gas. Join WPAC, BC Forest Safety Council and Canadian Biomass for this online symposium as we explore best practices for safer operations of drum dryers.

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Prodesa, your local partner for your pellet plant aftermarket needs

From our service center in Atlanta (GA), Prodesa’s team has the ability to supply dies, roll shells, bearings and other components for all types of pellet mills ensuring continuous operation.

Prodesa’s parts management service covers numerous brands and guarantees quick delivery thanks to the Company’s workshops network, which helps in optimizing logistics.

Based on our in-house production and high quality technology procedures, manufacturing is based on our precise inspection and testing to ensure a high standard of quality.

Prodesa proven solutions for your aftermarket needs: a result of several decades of direct experience in the biomass field designing, constructing and commissioning pellet plants. » Learn more

Expanding presence: Alberta companies join forces on drop-in bio-synthetic fuels from residuals

Two Calgary companies have teamed up to introduce bio-synthetic diesel and jet fuel from forestry residuals and other non-food feedstocks to the Canadian and international markets. Technology provider Expander Energy and Cielo Waste Solutions, a public waste-to-fuel environmental tech company, are ramping up on multiple projects that Expander president and COO Gord Crawford says are filling a growing need for drop-in biofuels made from low-cost, cellulosic feedstock.  » Read More...

Thermal networks: The missing infrastructure we need to help enable carbon-free heating

Most of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere have a fundamental problem: we want to reduce our carbon emissions, but we also need to heat our homes. The good news is there is a way to do both by creating thermal networks. » Read More...

Opinion: In a dangerously warming world, we must confront the grim reality of Australia’s bushfire emissions

In the four years since the Black Summer bushfires, Australia has become more focused on how best to prepare for, fight and recover from these traumatic events. But one issue has largely flown under the radar: how the emissions produced by bushfires are measured and reported. Fires comprised 4.8% of total global emissions in 2021, producing about 1.76 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂). » Read More...

BossTek launches new mobile, mid-sized dust control cannon: DustBoss DB-45 Surge

BossTek has introduced a new mobile mid-sized dust control cannon. The DustBoss DB-45 Surge features "an innovative pressurized center nozzle paired with the industry-proven fan and misting ring system to suppress both surface dust and airborne particulates," it said in a press release. » Read More...

Another look 

New report: managing the risk of combustible gas in drum dryers

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) and the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) have released a report that summarizes the key actions plant operators can take to manage the risk of combustible gas in drum dryers. » Read More...