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Biogas upgrading technology market 2023-2032: Fueling a cleaner tomorrow

Biogas Upgrading Technology plays a pivotal role in the sustainable utilization of biogas, transforming it into a cleaner and more versatile energy source. The market scope is segmented based on technology, end-use, and region.

U.K. government approves planning application for BECCS at Drax Power Station

The U.K. Secretary of State has approved the Development Consent Order for Drax Power Limited’s plans to convert two of its biomass units to the carbon removals technology bioenergy with carbon capture and storage.

Monitoring burner skin temperature key to predicting refractory failure

Shaw Renewables has created a monitoring system and process to improve the reliability of burner refractory which is critical for energy efficiency and performance, as well as for the safety and integrity of the burner.

USDA boosts forecast for 2023-’24 soybean oil use in biofuel production

The USDA increased its forecast for 2023-’24 soybean oil use in biofuel production in its latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, released Jan. 12.

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Moisture Measurement: A Fail Proof Solution

A fail proof solution for the production line is a near- infrared moisture measurement solution that allows for full monitoring. With the ability to be read on an external display or into a PLC system, users can create a closed loop process to ensure safety and quality control during production. MoistTech’s system is developed to stay consistently calibrated, giving trustworthy moisture readings. » #1 Reliable Experts in Moisture Sensors

Guarding by Location: Danger and compliance

The global leader in conveyor safety is disputing the idea that putting conveyor equipment out of reach or inconveniently placed away from workers – known as “guarding by location” – is a valid form of safety. Experts have witnessed where guarding by location has led to a lapse in workplace safety, resulting in injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. » Read More...
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Prodesa, your local partner for your pellet plant aftermarket needs

From our service center in Atlanta (GA), Prodesa’s team has the ability to supply dies, roll shells, bearings and other components for all types of pellet mills ensuring continuous operation.

Prodesa’s parts management service covers numerous brands and guarantees quick delivery thanks to the Company’s workshops network, which helps in optimizing logistics.

Based on our in-house production and high quality technology procedures, manufacturing is based on our precise inspection and testing to ensure a high standard of quality.

Prodesa proven solutions for your aftermarket needs: a result of several decades of direct experience in the biomass field designing, constructing and commissioning pellet plants. » Learn more

Pilot project aims to rehabilitate wildfire-affected forests

In light of the ongoing challenges facing the forest industry, including mill closures, timber supply shortages and unprecedented wildfire seasons, Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation (CCR), has recognized the necessity of creating new opportunities within the sector. » Read More...

Sask. canola, flax groups vote to merge

The organizations held a joint annual general meeting to share results of member feedback before taking the issue to a vote. The vote passed with “widespread approval,” the release said. » Read More...

Prairie clean energy, Sask Polytech launch prairie biomass initiatives

Earlier this year Saskatchewan-based business, Prairie Clean Energy received a $1.1 million grant from the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) Network for their innovative greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction project. » Read More...

Company scraps plan for biomass fuel plant in Kensington

The Town of Kensington is frustrated about losing out on a $150 million project which would have brought a woodchips-to-renewable diesel plant to the community. » Read More...

Another look 

Global Wood Pellet Markets: 2023 in review and why industrial wood pellets are key for the future

This article begins with a reminder of the severity of the climate crisis, then proceeds to review trends in the “industrial” pellet market in which pellet fuel is supplied to large scale heat and power stations to replace coal. » Read More...


Bio360 Expo 2024

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