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Welcome to Biomass Harvesting Week 2024

Biomass Harvesting Week has arrived! For a full five days, Canadian Biomass and Canadian Forest Industries are focusing on logging, chipping, grinding and transporting woody biomass.

Leaders eye possibility of wood pellet heating system for community of Wekweètı̀, N.W.T.

The senior administrative officer of Wekweètì, N.W.T., says his community is mulling over the possibility of switching to wood biomass as a way to heat homes.

Prairie clean energy, Sask Polytech launch prairie biomass initiatives

Saskatchewan-based business, Prairie Clean Energy received a $1.1 million grant from the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator Network for their innovative greenhouse gas emissions reduction project.


Harvesting Week Equipment: What to consider when sourcing grinders and chippers

There is no harvesting – or Harvesting Week – without the ability to transform woody materials into usable biomass. In the Canadian biomass harvesting field, grinders and chippers (and those trained to operate them safely) play an integral role in processing materials efficiently and effectively. » Read More...

Global Wood Pellet Markets: 2023 in review and why industrial wood pellets are key for the future

Trends in the “industrial” pellet market in which pellet fuel is supplied to large scale heat and power stations are poised to replace coal. Fossil fuels have been critical to civilization’s growth but are also the cause of ecological disequilibrium. » Read More...

Peel Ports Logistics agrees deal for Drax biomass imports

Peel Ports Logistics has entered into an agreement to serve as the shipping agency service provider for Drax. The partnership will facilitate the handling of biomass-importing vessels at the Port of Liverpool in North West England. » Read More...

Ontario announces forest biomass program funding recipients

The Government of Ontario is investing more than $9.4 million in 14 research, innovation and modernization initiatives to develop the untapped economic potential and environmental benefits of of underutilized wood and mill by-products. » Read More...

Kensington mayor blames province for loss of $150M plant, 30 jobs

Biomass project hit ‘major unexplained barrier’ when seeking provincial approval. » Read More...


Bio360 Expo 2024

Jan. 24-25, 2024 | Nantes, Fance »

European Pellet Conference 

March 6, 2024 | Wels, Austria »