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Ecohog exhibiting at Waste Expo in Las Vegas

April 23, 2018
By Ecohog

April 23, 2018 - Celebrating 50 years of innovation and education in the fast paced and every changing recycling industry, Ecohog are heading to Las Vegas for the Waste Expo 50th Year Anniversary.

Ecohog is a family owned equipment manufacturer located in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Operating in a global scale we have over 20 years’ experience supplying equipment to the waste and recycling sector. Ecohog specialise in the design and manufacture of air separation and metal separation units for the waste and recycling industry. The team’s knowledge of the industry has helped the Company to develop our skills in concept design in finding solutions to waste sorting problems and has lead us to develop our sought after mobile Ecohog density separators and HogMag metal separation equipment and auxiliaries equipment.

The Ecohog products
The Ecohog mobile and static product range comprises of:
· Ecohog Windshifter Range
· AirHog Suction System Range
· HogMag Eddy Current Separator Range
· The Razorback Starscreen Range

The Ecohog WindShifter unit allows customers to incorporate air separation into new or existing processing configurations that experience contaminates in the materials. The technology provides an alternative to manual sorting which is both exhausting and expensive. The EH1500-TWS is a tracked windshifter unit with an onboard VSD AirHog suction fan that is capable of achieving four different splits. This unit has various features that position’s it most desirable in the marketplace.

The AirHog Suction System is a stand-alone Suction System for the removal of light contaminants and is ideal for some waste processes that don’t need the full capital expenditure because their ‘lights’ contamination isn’t a big enough issue to actually warrant the purchase of a WindShifter or the AirHog could be introduced onto the end of the waste process that would reduce or eliminate the ‘lights’ problem.


The HogMag Eddy Current Separator is designed for the recovery of ferrous and nonferrous metals from residual applications incorporating Eriez magnetics components into the HogMag’s. The THM ECS-2000 is the newest ECS tracked model suitable for waste processors with high volumes of waste material with the capability of processing up to 40TPH. The unit can be fitted with an AirHog EH81 Suction System for the removal of superlight fractions from the material.

The Razorback Starscreen is specifically for the wood recycling sector. Teaming the Razorback with a shredder creates a closed loop system that eliminates second handling of material. Material which has not been sized passes through the Razorback screen and back through the shredder until the wood is shredded to the required size. Not only is the perfect product produced but the need for manpower and material handling is removed with this system, maximising return.

Suitable applications
To date we have primarily focused on the following market sectors:

· Compost / Compost Oversize Cleanup
· Waste wood
· Biomass
· MRF Glass Clean Up
· Trommel Fines
· C&D / C&I Waste
· Landfill Reclaim
· Incinerator Ash
· Gully Waste
· Green Waste
· Automotive Fragment
· Scrap Metal processing
· Aluminium Can Recycling

In many applications customers identified the need for metal recovery in addition to the air separation therefore the Ecohog products are complementary to each other as well as existing products in the marketplace such as trommels, screens and shredders. The Ecohog units are available as static or mobile with a range of optional auxiliaries.

Come along to Waste Expo stand 2601, meet the Team and find out more about how Ecohog can help turn your waste into profit!

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