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Énergir applauds Quebec’s decision to support RNG

March 28, 2019
By Énergir

March 28, 2019 - Quebec's leading natural gas distribution company, Énergir, is pleased with the adoption of the regulation respecting the quantity of renewable natural gas to be delivered by a distributor. Announced earlier today by Quebec Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Jonatan Julien, this regulation establishes a governing framework for one of the objectives of the 2030 Energy Policy Action Plan.

The regulation sets the minimum quantity of RNG produced in Québec and to be injected by a natural gas distributor at one per cent of the total quantity of natural gas the distributor distributes as of 2020, and progressively increases that quantity to set it as of 2025 at five per cent of the total quantity of natural gas distributed.

“This regulation will further boost Québec’s RNG production and, as a result, increase the quantities available to our clients who wish to reduce the environmental footprint of their energy consumption”, said Sophie Brochu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Énergir.

During the press conference, Minister Julien also indicated that $18 million would be allocated for bioenergy demonstration projects. This measure was announced by the government in its budget, which was tabled last Thursday, March 21.

The Minister also announced the establishment of a committee to monitor the RNG sector. Énergir will be pleased to collaborate in this initiative to ensure that the regulation is applied and to facilitate collaboration among the different stakeholders.


A recent study revealed that Québec has the technical and economic production potential to replace two thirds of the natural gas currently distributed in Québec with renewable natural gas by 2030. Development of this new renewal energy sector, in addition to be a significant lever for the energy transition, is also a major driver for the economic development of Québec and its regions.

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